5 coats and still patchy

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by jamime, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. jamime

    jamime Member

    I've just had a room boarded and skimmed.

    The first two coats I used "No Nonsense Trade Bare Plaster Paint Brilliant White" and applied it with a
    wooster pro doo z roller.

    I didn't realise but the roller has a 1/2" nap I've since reduced to a 3/8" pro doo z roller.

    It's had 3 coats of Valspar v300 Rocky Mountain Mist (R205E) and it has a "orange peel" effect. The texture is so porous that it has a shadow so it looks even darker in places. You can also see lines where I've rolled, presumably too thin. Weirdly the colour has turned out blue, nothing like the gray it's meant to be.

    I've been laying off in the same direction, working away from the wet edge. Whats the best way of fixing this?

    If I sand the wall, do I need to seal it? The paint dries extremely quick but I've now used 15ltrs of colour paint (standard 4 walls, bay window 1930's semi detached house).

    I never watered down the No Nonsens Bare Plaster paint, was that the mistake?
  2. jamime

    jamime Member

    No Nonsense Bare Plaster was applied with 1/2". Valspar v300 was applied with 3/8". Walls were washed before doing the white bare plaster.
  3. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    First coat should have been a mist coat to seal the plaster as new bare plaster really soaks up the moisture out of the paint and dries out as you have described. How long ago was the wall plastered.
  4. jamime

    jamime Member

    About a 5 weeks ago. I thought the bare plaster paint would have sealed the plaster. Whats the best way to fix?
  5. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Is the Valspar paint a vinyl? Don't know a lot about Valspar paint and never use it due to loads of bad reviews.
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  6. jamime

    jamime Member

  7. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    If the emulsion is a non vinyl product and still reasonably fresh you may be lucky to wash it off with hot water and a sugar soap solution, certainly the No Nonsense will wash off. Try a test area just with hot water and a splash of washing up liquid in it to keep it lubricated, apply with one of those scotch bright washing up pads.

    Just read the spec and it says its wipeable so not looking hopeful I'm afraid.
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  8. jamime

    jamime Member

    Wash off, mist coat, paint again?

    If it doesnt wash, sand mist coat, paint?

    Whats best formula for mist coat?
  9. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    The ‘orange peel effect’ is usually down to a few things such as;

    Very fluffy roller, puts a lot of paint onto wall and if not spread out, will leave a heavy texture

    Paint to thick and again not spread out leaving heavy texture

    Going back and over prev rollered sections as paint is drying. This picks up the paint as paint gets sticky as drying and again, leaves a heavy texture

    Maybe some other issues as well

    Emuslion easy to sand, loads of dust but can be smoothed off and really start again. Just have to evenly sand the walls all back to a uniform texture

    There’s a saying that if you can p iss you can paint ........

    It’s simply not true, there’s more to it than that ;) (Painting that is) :D
  10. jamime

    jamime Member

    If I sand it down @DIYDave. do I need to mist coat?
  11. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Methylated Spirit is another secret on fresh emulsion.
  12. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    If you CAN sand it down, good luck, total nightmare.
  13. jamime

    jamime Member

    @Astramax I'm a bit gutted like. I had a little sand of a few high spots this morning and it came up smooth. But I'll try washing it with warm water and sugar soap first because it'll be easier.
  14. RolandK

    RolandK Screwfix Select

    If you decide to sand it down look at something like the Marshalltown dry wall sander and a roll of sanding mesh. Surprisingly good for the
    price and hooked up to a workshop vac seriously reduces the dust. Still a lously job to do though. When you repaint I'd give the Valspar a miss!
  15. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Only need to mist coat if you get down to bare plaster

    You’ve got 2 coats of bare plaster paint and 3 topcoats on so there’s a chance you can sand down flat without hitting bare plaster

    Haven’t used either paints so can’t comment on them, both what there like to apply and how easy to sand. I’ve never bothered with new plaster paints - have simply allowed plaster to fully dry then 1 or 2 mist coats - trade matt emuslion -No Vinyl- watered down to single cream consistency. Light rub down before mist coat (depending on plaster finish) and very light rub down between mist and top coat p180

    So, try the sanding route I guess if it won’t wash off. P120 grit paper, buy quality sandpaper from say our hosts, not rubbish from 99p store

    Wouldn’t use an electric sanded, more likely to get marks in the plaster so try a hand sander. Loads of dust so wear a good quality dust mask and cover everything up

    Don’t know what type emuslion uv used but regular emulsion sands easily. What you don’t want to do is use small bits of sandpaper scrunched up as obviousley it will take ages but also you need to sand the walls smooth but also flat. Using small bits of paper in your hand will lead to dips

    So try sanding, work methodically in sections with the hand sander and p120 paper. Yes you can buy fancy sanding machines with great extraction but for a 1 off job ?

    I’m guessing the finish is down to poor technique (no offence really) :) How’s your previous painting finished up ?

    If the newly plastered walls are nice and flat (they should be), use a short pile roller, medium pile the heaviest

    You have to judge if paint needs thinning with a splash of water, sometimes first coat does so it flows nicely. 2nd coats then glides over 1st coat. Don’t over roller though and don’t keep going over previously rollered sections

    Good luck :)
  16. RolandK

    RolandK Screwfix Select

    The Marshallstown sander I mentioned earlier (others are available!) is a hand sander so still hard work but minimal dust. Agree with Dave that a powered sander is not wise as it will trash the plaster if not used with great care and miles too expensive for a one off job.
    Father in law bought Valspar as it was on offer cheap somewhere then asked me to paint his place for him. I couldn't get on with the Valspar. Went and got Johnstones Matt and all was well! That reminds me he still owes me for the paint!
    Good luck

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