600x300 porcelain advice.

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Jones93, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. Jones93

    Jones93 New Member

    Good morning everyone.

    I have purchased some porcelain tiles 600x300x9mm.

    I have tiled in the past for a quick job at work (Electrical maintenance engineer but get dragged into all sorts!)

    I'm looking at getting some advice on the type/size of notched trowel to use, all searches I have done come up from the US (imperial) and what type of adhesive to use. I have read slow set powder adhesive for this size.

    Any other general advice too, doing the bathroom with my old man (83) so if there's any modern techniques that outweigh the old, let me know (PVA etc)

    Thanks in advance
  2. hairymaclary

    hairymaclary New Member

    600x300 porcelain is heavy and will likely exceed the max recommended weight for skimmed walls (24kg/sqm) so firstly you need the walls to be either bare plasterboard or any of the other tile backer boards that are available. Plasterboard is cheapest and easiest to use for an entitle bathroom. These tiles are fairly big too and will easily show up undulations on your walls so try to get the walls perfectly flat and ideally plumb and tiling will be easier. I always prime bare plasterboard with acrylic tilers primer diluted 3:1, don't use PVA. Ijf there is a shower enclosure or shower above the bath then it's a good idea to tank this area before tiling. Use a cement based powdered tile adhesive and depending on the flatness of your walls use either a 10mm or 12mm square notch trowel. Porcelain is a dense material and will not absorb water so back skim each tile to help with the bond. Cutting porcelain can be really difficult and varies from tile to tile. For that size tile your cheapest option will be to use an angle grinder with a porcelain tile blade. Not the easiest tiling job if you're not experienced but good luck with it.
  3. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    As a long time DIY tiler I have one of these (actually the older model - now 20 years old) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plasplugs-...e+cutter&qid=1602682756&s=digital-text&sr=1-1 and I have cut loads of porcelain tiles with no problem. For 600x600 I did make up a ply extended base to help support. The blade is thin, small, but still good enough for up to 10mm thick tiles.
  4. Jones93

    Jones93 New Member

    Thanks for the reply guys. I've already got a wet cutter, going to get a new blade for this job.

    What is the best adhesive out there, preferably not a rapid setting one. Thanks
  5. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    I prefer rapidset and just mix small quantities. Do not use readymixed.
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  6. Jones93

    Jones93 New Member

    Thanks, was always gonna go powder but didn't fancy having a race against it going off. What's the life time you have before it's knackered.

    Appreciate all the replies
  7. Herbs

    Herbs Active Member

    I tile fairly frequently but by no means a pro...

    That said, I have a trade cash account at CTD as they accept all trades. So I go there to buy BAL Flex One S1 or Rapid Flex One adhesive for bathroom floors - the ‘rapid’ actually has a 60 min. pot time (twice the usual for rapid set), so I prefer that for floors as it gets you back in the room sooner to carry on the job. If you’re not convinced, the standard set is still fairly quick to grout at 8 hours with 2.5 hour pot life and I much prefer this extra tile when tiling walls.

    I always use a S1 flexible adhesive (and ideally grout, too) for floors as minor flexing is absorbed, rather than causing grout and tile cracks.
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  8. Herbs

    Herbs Active Member

    Just to add, if you REALLY don’t fancy racing the adhesive, you can get 5 hour pot life out of BAL Single Part Flexible. Although the ‘open time’ (time you have from applying adhesive to wall to get a tile stuck on it) for all of the options is limited to roughly 30 mins.

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