6ft flourescent tubes

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by audi-evo, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    how much?
    was gonna order some online, £12 odd for half a dozzen but decided to shop local and support the small trader.
    Sent my lad to a local supplier........... £24 for four!!!!
    Robbing bast....?
    Thinking of naming the shop!!!!!!!
    No wonder small shops are closing down!!!!!
  2. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

  3. fooman

    fooman New Member

    CEF? ;)

    nah they would want 24 for 2 :^O
  4. audievo

    audievo New Member

    No not cef, a small firm in north tyneside, it is just 3 letters though!
  5. mr sillys

    mr sillys New Member

    how man div ya nat naa abooout *** leccy in newbeggin fffs.........../////////// naaa *probs wit any gadgeys wit suits n ther ya,,,,, naa....... if ya gan a by any leccy ***** cal me marra ***

    cheers hinney

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  6. daff

    daff New Member

    Tyne and Wear or Northumberland?
  7. mr sillys

    mr sillys New Member

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeee man catch the yella bus from the toon n get on the spine raad ya naa yaa naa what a meen leik ya in f me man ya in nortthumberland man lik saa div nt f me marra roound like cause hee loves his leeks n that

  8. audievo

    audievo New Member

    Daff, north tyneside is Tyne and wear, there is a clue in the "Tyne" bit.
    Sillys.......... I have no idea WTF your trying to say!
  9. mr sillys

    mr sillys New Member

    eee ya a fancy n from ponteland lik an kanna taak te silly like how da ya naa hoooow to graaa mee leeks like

  10. daff

    daff New Member

    Aye a na man , but a thought ye wer been cryptic like. North O the Tyne Like. Silly's aceent is better than mine an a live here.
  11. audievo

    audievo New Member

    Thing is, it's not 1947, no one up here grows leeks, has whippets or eats lard anymore and the newkie brown is for tourists.
    We now have electricity, running water and have even started using cutlery :)
    This said however I still think £6 for a fluorescent tube is a bit steep!
    Noow divint gan on aboot it man .......... Cheers

  12. audievo

    audievo New Member

    So where you from daff?
  13. daff

    daff New Member

    North Northumberland . I thought maybe you used the same wholesaler that I do.
  14. mr sillys

    mr sillys New Member

    on a serious note............. as it is//////////////////// lots of people still grow oversized vegetables and have whippets pigeons and bedlington terriers so i am not taking the **** like


    see ya in benidorm
  15. daff

    daff New Member

    Aye but mer hoodies than flat caps now sadly Mr Silly
  16. audievo

    audievo New Member

    Bit south of you daff, I'm in north shields.
    On a serious note I am sure all that leek show and pigeon fancying is dying out and all but gone now.
    Benidorm............. Nah, teegypt or the algarve for me like :)
    Oh and prob both.......think it's sharm in Jan and Portugal for Easter.........,
  17. scotspark

    scotspark Member

    My local CEF was selling 100 Amp double pole henly blocks for £2

    I bought 4 the other guy that was in bought all they had 14 i think
  18. russ295

    russ295 New Member

    i bet the shop is related to edward.

    floor looks good:)

  19. audievo

    audievo New Member

    You've named that tune in one Russ :)
    Glad the floor worked ok, the lads will all be up for some pampering next week :)
  20. Very Likeable Bloke

    Very Likeable Bloke New Member

    Ha! at least someone's earning their keep!


    Another Great Post

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