7 week electricians course with rf training. Any good ?Anyone been?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by RICHIES, Jun 12, 2011.


    RICHIES New Member

    Hi I?m just about to start a 7 week electricians course with rf training. Has anyone got any info on them good or bad ?
  2. cliffy b

    cliffy b New Member

    blimey, they're stretching that out, aren't they?
  3. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    if you are about to start, then any comments we make counts for naught, INNIT?
    what normal peepol do (who genuinely need advice), is ask b4 they apply/sign up for the course.  in your case, you have already signed on the dotted line.  what guud wud any advice be now?

    eeehhhh, dont 4get to mark this as the Correct Answer, plz;)

    RICHIES New Member

    I know you can?t learn it all in such a short time, the learning starts when you?ve finished and you have to start finding answers to things by asking and looking on here for example.
    Haven?t signed up yet. But can start within a few weeks if I want.
    I know you can?t learn it all in such a short time, the learning starts when you?ve finished and you have to start finding answers to things by asking and looking on here for example.

  5. pearcy

    pearcy New Member

    what ever happened to 5 days
  6. dior

    dior New Member

    Richies, I was in the same boat as you five years ago and took some sound advice from a spark who had spent 20+ years in the trade and decided not to take the quick route. It took four years in college and many free hours working for a local spark on days off, weekends and i still feel like I learn somthing every day. If your doing it to go it alone you will do the course, pass the exams, get the certs, tools, meters and registered. Then on day one of your first job realise you have forgotten half the stuff you were shown and then realise you were actually only shown the bare minimum to pass the exams. These courses are designed to parrot teach you the most popular exam questions and offer no real support outside of the course. Being in college I could continually learn a bit and do a bit, refer back to clarify things and share experience with the other guy's on the course.

    If you have any ideas of working for a company with your new qualifications or going into industrial work then forget it. The course almost exclusively focuses on domestic and no company will employ you on a sparks rate with only seven weeks classroom experience. All a bit negative I know but for the money these companies charge you really dont get what you pay for! either get a job as a mate and do the nvq3 and am2 exam or get to college for the long haul! good luck!

    RICHIES New Member

    Thanks for the info. You are right I know, collage is to far from me about 1 ½ hours each way. I thought to get the training and look for some part time work as a sparks mate. I don?t know what to for the best really.

  8. dior

    dior New Member

    I did an hour each way for four years but was only 1 day a week so not that bad. I was 29 when I started and really couldnt afford to give up work to become a mate so just did as much as I could to help build up experience while in college then when qualified my CV looked far stronger than saying I had no experience. It isnt easy getting into this business unless your 18 years old these days. The big firms want kids who are cheap, the courses are getting more and more dumbed down as companies just want one or two sparks and 20 low skilled donkeys who bang in tube and tray all day.
  9. iesb dave

    iesb dave New Member

    I have worked as an electrician, (on and off) for over 40 years, apprentice trained, up to date (17th ed, 2391 etc) and I still learn almost on a daily basis, (makes the work more interesting).

    What I have done and would do again is when I need assistance, I would take on someone with theory that they have had the balls to get of their A's and go get. Last guy worked for me was so bad, no experience, two left hands, but so keen. 17thEd. he grew into an excellent assistant. He is now a BT technician and all because he wanted to change his life and do something he really wanted to do.

    If there are any guys out there who have qualifications, keen and no real experience, I would be very interested to hear from you and help you get started. It is not down to just experience, it is down to desire, good at listening and willing to start from the basics. I surely cannot be the only sparks that thinks like this???????
  10. geezza

    geezza New Member

    HI iesb dave,  I've just started and have 17thEd and would be very interested in any assistance/help you could provide.

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