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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Cack3r, Jan 16, 2006.

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    New kitchen going in. Kitchen designed to have a pull out extractor fan, 600m. Units on order, arriving in a couple of weeks, so nothing done in the kitchen yet (lol, it's not even finished yet :p)

    I've gone for a 700mm hob, because i fancy the wok ring in the middle.

    Now I have the issue where the 700mm hob is under a 600mm extractor fan.

    Options are

    1) Just install as it is, assuming that 5cm either side of the hob won't be critical, not ideal, but not critical.

    2) ditch extractor, fit a hood (need to change order, might be able to, not sure, will have to check)

    3) Space out 700mm above hob and somehow fill in 5cm gap either side of extractor unit.

    1) would be least effort, but are there any reg guidelines, or is it really going to be a hazard to the cabinets either side of the hob, damage due to extra heat, steam etc.
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    Just done one like that before xmas.

    Whoever you get to connect your hob should refuse to do it if the cabinets either side of the extractor encroach into the space above the hob

    As you can see from the following picture I had to pack out the sides of the wall and base unit and use filler panels to make it all match.


    If it had been my desigh I would have spaced the top cabinets further apart and used a chimney type hood.

  3. Cack3r

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    Hi Jason,

    Thanks. I would prefer a hood, they look nicer for a start.

    Trouble is, the chimney hoods are expensive :(

    The integrated hood extractor i found (zanussi, made it easier to purchase at the same time as the oven/hob) was only 62 quid inc vat.

    I might do 3), as your picture shows and put in 5cm boxed in spacers either side.
  4. nice pics jason... did you know we can access your whole album...who's that bird with the underwear on..is that the bit on the side
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    Yes that photobucket account is set as public, talk to me nicely for the password for my other polaroids sorry pictures. I bet you went straight to the album titled "Models"


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