A quote of £16k+ VAT for re-roof 3 bedroom detached house is on higher side?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Sebastian4119, Feb 5, 2024.

  1. Sebastian4119

    Sebastian4119 New Member

    I am looking for some quotes to do the fresh installation of a roof for my house
    The shape of roof is something like this [ It is a 3 bed room semi detached house 1930's property ]
    The location of the property is in St Leonards On Sea East Sussex
    I approached couple of roofing companies and the quotes i received is around 16k plus VAT. I am posting the cheapest one here upload_2024-2-5_9-32-25.png
    Does this sounds too high ? I do not have much contacts on this place Since i am new here. Also the most companies I am asking for a quote comes from Google search results and everyone always says they are too busy. [ so i am suspecting they are giving high quotes to not undertake the works]

    Any thoughts on this quote / Any idea approx, how much it will be for a job like this
    It would be really helpful if i get the details of some roofing companies who can do the job economically
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  2. Rosso

    Rosso Screwfix Select

    For the South-east, I would say that quote is absolutely reasonable. I'm amazed they recon they can scaff 3 sides of your house for £1700. Round here you'd be looking at 3 grand just for that.
    I might ask to speak to a recent satisfied customer for a reference if I wasn't certain about them, but if I got a good impression from meeting them, and they can do the work in a reasonable timescale, whats not to like
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  3. ramseyman

    ramseyman Screwfix Select

    Only a minor point but the ridge tiles aren't specifically mentioned and presumably they deem the fascias and soffits to be be in good order.
  4. jimbobby

    jimbobby Screwfix Select

    How many guys and for how many days. What are the material costs.
  5. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    If you get 3 quotes than you will get an idea of the cost: it is what it is, costs have gone up massively in the last couple of years and small plain tiles are inherently dearer than interlocking.
  6. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Blame the VAT man, not the roofer. Nothing wrong with that quote, I’d say it’s reasonable, certainly when you consider the cost of materials today. A single plain tile is roughly a quid including VAT, roll of membrane between £60-£150, batten about £3 a length, lead is astronomical, etc etc.
  7. HarryL1234

    HarryL1234 Screwfix Select

    I’m in your neck of the woods (I can walk to St Leonards) and am having a new roof fitted for £13,600 to a 1930s 3 bed semi. In addition to the roof, I’m having new guttering and fascias. After obtaining five quotes, I chose the roofer based on recommendations (he did my neighbour) and the quality of his work. You can get cheaper, but your quote is not outrageous.

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