A wood siding that can handle strong sun exposure?

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    Hi all - I am wanting to use real wood siding for the exterior facade on a home. The house is located in a hot climate where it gets a lot of strong sun exposure. I was wondering if there any types/species of wood siding that do not need constant maintenance (i.e. sanding and finishing every 6 mos) and/or can be left to weather on their own and that will stand the test of time? I was looking at carbonized wood or Shou Sugi Ban which is that charred wood look in Japan as a possible option. Thanks in advance for any tips/advice![​IMG]
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    I have a house in the French Alps that is clad with overlapping vertical planks of spruce local to the area ... as is the case with many of the local houses.
    I have never applied anything other than its initial dousing in clear wood preserver.
    Over the years it has gone from a typical pine-like golden glow, through to a darker reddish golden glow, and now 28 years later, it's a very dark colour, but still very good looking.
    I wouldn't treat or stain it at all ... I love it just as it is ... and it fits in with all the other houses in the Haute-Savoie.
    Zero maintenance is good for me too.
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