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  1. Burtbaggy

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    Hi all
    Sometime ago I replaced a bathroom suite & during the process replaced the existing AAV for a new one as I noticed we were getting some nasty smells in the bathroom and the adjoining en-suite.
    Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have rectified the issue & my thought is that perhaps the valve is positioned to low? I’ve attached a picture showing the valve.
    The valve is now boxed in & not easily accessible without removing tiles etc.
    I’m now looking to do some work to the en-suite which is the other side of the wall on the right as you look at the picture & wondered if I could put another valve on the horizontal soil pipe close to the en-suite toilet or does the AAV have to be only on top of the vertical soil/stack pipe?

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  2. pppmacca43

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    Needs to be on a vertical pipe and accessible as they can stick open or closed sometimes
  3. Burtbaggy

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    Thanks for this. But regarding the position of the existing valve, do you think it needs to be raised?
  4. Abrickie

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    Depends if it’s a1 or b1 rated, if b1 then it’s low but that should not cause an odour. You have allowed adequate ventilation to the boxing in ?
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  5. pppmacca43

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    As Abrickie says, some can be below the flood level some need to be above.

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