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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by buddhaboy, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. buddhaboy

    buddhaboy New Member

    evening all,i have recently fitted a accenta compact mini alarm system.the person who i fitted it for has told me his neigbours have told him that the alarm is going off at the same time every night,7.45pm.i have called round this morning and repeated all tests on the alarm,pir's and rechecked all the settings,all ok.i even changed the battery with one i had spare.went round tonight to check and the alarm went off bang on 7.45ish/there is no one else in the house and he has no pets.any ideas?
  2. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    Must be something in the house, heating comming on, timer on something.
    If you can't find a fault it is the long job of isolating everything one at a time.
    First i would replace all the links and set the alarm, if it goes off then it's not any of the sensors.
    If it doesn't go off reconect the sensors one at a time and see if you can find it that way.
    Some faults can be very hard to find if it is not the system but something in the house causing it.
  3. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    What's that got to do with laying flooring Audi?
  4. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    If it has gone off, it must detect what "zone" or indicate some error code. This "code/flashing light whatever" should remain on until alarm reset.

    If it isn't showing any code I'm stumped

    So I take it no error codes, flashing LED's etc !!
  5. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member

    This might help.

    If this alarm has an "event log" you should be able to read that to identify what triggered alarm. !!
  6. sparkin!

    sparkin! New Member

    any ideas?
  7. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    As Audi has already said probably something on a timer. The Accenta does have an event log but can't remeber how you read it.

    Poorly earthed boilers can cause RF spikes which will sometimes trigger PIRs, especially cheap PIRs!
  8. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    could be a ghost? and you think i'm kidding? NOOOOOOOOO
  9. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    had the same thing about 20 year ago in an old cottage. pir triggered every night in a back bedroom. change pir 3 times still kept going off. same time! eventually had to put a viper on the window. turned out the place was haunted and had to be blessed etc! now you may think this is ridiculous, but i have the same prob at my house! its haunted and i can't have a pir in my living room! 6.50am every morning! ;) you don't wanna be in that room at that time trust me! :O
  10. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    "What's that got to do with laying flooring Audi?"

    don't judge a book, i've been around a bit lol

    I used to fit alarms, yep wires and lights and stuff, yep someone let me loose on elastictrickery ;)

    Strangest fault i had was a pir that tripped at about tea time every day, turned out to be ......... as the sun went down it reflected off a highly polished coffee table on to the pir and bingo off it went.
    Moved the talble £75 thanks ;)
    Another, donkeys years ago, old omnicrom key opperated, set the time out to 30sec.
    Two days later time out was zero so alarm tripped as soon as it was set.
    Went back, sure enough time out was zero, reset it to 30sec, a few days later it was 0 again.
    Thought i was going nuts!!!!!!!
    Went back again, heating came on, the boiler nearly shook itself off the wall!
    The old boiler in the same cupboard as the panel would shake and bang around, the vibration caused the timer wheel to shake back to zero.
    Got the old dears nail varnish, set the time out to 30 coated it up, job done!
    I used to love alarms ;)
  11. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    I used to love alarms......

    yep audi me too! left school and got doing them and loved it (good old days) logic 4, old optima (red buttons) posh people having the "phantom flood" AKA flood/pir now about £8 00 :O
  12. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    I did alarms for over 20 years started in 1980, good lod days indeed. The first PIRs we fitted cost about 80 each and were huge!

    Started with A&G single zone control panels (R4) they looked like a biscuit tin with a keyswitch and an unregulated PSU that charged the battery at about 18 volts!

    Batteries didn't last long.
  13. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    aye, omnicron key operated, 10 pairs of door contacts, pressure mat on the stairs, internal screamers, a vibration dectecor on the back door and some snap wire on the kitchen window ;)
  14. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    rememer foil tape on shop windows ;)
  15. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    aye the foil indeed! i remember the first time i tried doing it and instead of folding it at a 90deg i actually ripped it and started again (if you know what i mean! :O was young and innocent ;)
    remember the fox pir's type 1-4, when the medusa came along with a 5 year guarantee it was wowwwwwww! and when the optima 2 plus came out, it was "state of the art" :)
  16. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    Foil on glass? Did miles of the stuff! We used to apply the foil then masking tape then at least two coats of varnish. It took hours.

    I did a jewellers shop front once, it was a damp cold day and there was condensation on the glass so nothing would stick. I had the bright idea of using a fan heater to keep the glass dry and cracked the glass wit the heat.

    I remeber when I first saw a Visonic Fox passive, it must have been about 1984, they were £21.50 each, what does that equate to in today's money?

    Passives can be bought for less than a fiver now.
  17. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    I still have c+k dualtec, i liberated it from newcastle college (rye hill) donkeys years ago, still works perfectly, i think in 1980 odd they were £60+
    I fitted 2 blue strobes behind the grill of a vw golf for my mate once.
    Plods weren't best pleased with him!!!!!!!!
  18. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    I fitted 2 blue strobes behind the grill of a vw golf for my mate once.
    Plods weren't best pleased with him!!!!!!!!
  19. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    And when i was a bad lad,
    The local shop keeper couldn't hear his door going when he was in the back.
    I set up the shop door on a chime zone, charged the poor get £50 or so, he thought it was magic, i got very drunk, everyone's a winner!
  20. RMH

    RMH New Member

    If this is a regular activation and at the same time of day and the system does not highlight a problem i.e. zone/tamper activation then its most likely to be an external issue. These can be, mains spike/surge from say the central heating boiler switching on which is a possibility as its the same time of day, or another appliance. Easy to solve with a mains filter bought from Gardiners or the like for around a fiver. A pain to solve would be RF interference which is not uncommon. When confronted with this I usually put a varistor into each zone leg, twist the ends together and connect to the mains earth in the panel with 1mm cable. It's difficult to pin point such problems but trial and error usually prevails.
    Good Luck

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