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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by buddhaboy, Mar 6, 2008.

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    evening all,
    i fitted a accenta mini alarm system recently.the thing is the person who i fitted for says that he sets it when he goes to work on afternoons.his neighbours have told him the alarm goes off at 7.45pm every night for the the 15minute timer then goes off.have checked all settings,re tested all p.i.r's etc,carried out walk/output tests and have even changed the batterey to eliminate that.
    there is no one else in the house and he has no pets,any ideas?
  2. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    If it's gone off, then surely the system highlights which "zone" has tripped, or some error code appears !!!

    This error/indication should remain until reset.
  3. RMH

    RMH New Member

    If this is a regular activation and at the same time of day and the system does not highlight a problem i.e. zone/tamper activation then its most likely to be an external issue. These can be, mains spike/surge from say the central heating boiler switching on which is a possibility as its the same time of day, or another appliance. Easy to solve with a mains filter bought from Gardiners or the like for around a fiver. A pain to solve would be RF interference which is not uncommon. When confronted with this I usually put a varistor into each zone leg, twist the ends together and connect to the mains earth via 1mm cable. It's difficult to pin point such problems but trial and error usually prevails.
    Good Luck

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