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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Roision, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. Roision

    Roision New Member

    06B685E2-ED78-4983-94E4-ACE74686D33B.jpeg AB99B9B9-1D89-4162-895E-04209CE8D043.jpeg 06B685E2-ED78-4983-94E4-ACE74686D33B.jpeg AB99B9B9-1D89-4162-895E-04209CE8D043.jpeg Just had my kitchen wall plastered. It was a small area between the kitchen cabinet and work bench. A price was agreed. I did not pay him as he broke sockets and electrics got knocked of. He said he would send a friend to fix the socket.
    The work looks terrible really bad. I asked him to fix it but he wants more money. Any advice on what size should do. Thanks

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  2. gadget man

    gadget man Screwfix Select

    That's awful, he must have used a soup spoon and a toothbrush to do that!..:eek:
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  3. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Punch him on the nose!

    Then punch him again.

    it’s terrible!
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  4. Roision

    Roision New Member

    Any advice on how I should handle it please
  5. koolpc

    koolpc Screwfix Select

    Dont let him come back! Get a proper tradesperson in.
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  6. Roision

    Roision New Member

    He claims he’s a full time self employed plaster clearly not
  7. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    He'd have to be self employed if that's his standard as no employer would have him!!
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  8. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    Take him to another room, show him the plaster and tell him this is the standard you expect. Don't know what the other room will look like but it cannot be any worse
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  9. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    That looks like bonding plaster to me, maybe just to level out the wall ?

    Was he not planning on a skim coat over that ? Surely that’s the plan ,,,,, no ?

    As for damaging sockets, easier to remove them prior to plastering and terminate cables but that’s not the plasterers job nor should it be

    But must be a regular scenario where plasterer removes faceplate screws, gently pulls sockets forward, then hopefully pops a bag over sockets to keep clean and dry

    If he’s caused damage to your property, then that’s down to him to put right and don’t pay a penny until things are sorted

    As for asking for more money….. how comes and for what ?

    Surely you have a written quote that states what the job entails (briefly is fine) and a cost for that work

    May be a quote or an estimate but surely you have something in writing from this, er…… ‘plasterer’ ?

    Anyway ,,,, bonding plaster ? Anyone else agree ?
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  10. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    Possibly, and floated off with a wet sponge
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  11. Roision

    Roision New Member

    DIY Dave thanks for your response appreciated
    Price was agreed via phone. He requested pics and dimensions. Turned up for job and price was confirmed again and he started work
    I do not have a clue about plastering but I did query the sockets asking should I have taken them of but he told me to leave them.
    When I asked him to come back to fix job he said it took longer than he thought and it was harder than he thought. He has asked for another £40 to come back this coming Sunday
  12. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Difficult situation really
    I do accept that not all jobs are preceded by a lengthy quotation with full details and costs laid out, all neatly typed up - smaller jobs may just warrant a verbal (not ideal) or price via text

    But if this experienced plasterer had received photos and measurements by phone, and then been on site to see the situation, experience should have told him that there’s more to the job than he first thought

    But in fairness - we don’t have the complete picture of wall before he started and condition, prep required, and overall square meterage he’s working on

    Looks like he’s applied scrim tape to wall so must have been some damage underneath or at least joins between plasterboard or patching up required

    Again, looks like bonding plaster to me - but I’m diy only

    What was said when he finished for the day ?

    He must have mentioned the stage that he’s at and what’s required next ?

    Or did he just ask for more money ?

    If skimming over that, by a competent plasterer, then you should end up with a perfect, glass like finish

    Depends on what he’s charged you so far for the work involved is fair price or not and is the extra £40 worth it to get the job finished - but tell him, you expect a high standard, smooth and flat finish

    Out of interest, what’s the finish over the plaster going to be ?

    Also worthwhile holding back money until the sockets are fixed / replaced / whatever’s the issue with them

    So you have some discussions with the bloke to decide the way forward - good luck and report back !
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  13. Roision

    Roision New Member

    Hi Dave
    The stage we are at now is payment as of yesterday in his mind job was completed but sockets needed replaced. I suggested I pay him once sockets were fixed. As for the finish I was just wanting a finish I could paint on.
    Dimensions 12ft x 10

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  14. Roision

    Roision New Member

    Dave Think I’m worried I pay the extra £40 and he can’t fix it or at least make it so I can paint over it.
    Agreed price was £130

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  15. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Ok, it’s becoming a little clearer now the situation - thanks for posting the additional pictures

    Few questions;

    Who removed the tiles ?

    Would be impossible to quote with tiles on the wall as you have no idea what’s behind them (plaster or plasterboard) or how easily they’re gonna come off and what damage they’re gonna leave behind

    If tiles were poorly fixed in first place, they can literally pop off wall with little persuasion and little damage underneath

    These have been well laid and sections of PB as backing which will usually disintegrate as tiles are removed - hence large hole by sockets

    If the plasterer quoted to remove tiles and then plaster, all from a few pictures on his phone, then sorry but he’s very naive. Best you could hope for would be an Estimate - depending on the damage caused by removing tiles (which nobody would know until you start)

    Did you explain the finish you wanted before he started and your intention of simply painting the new plaster ?

    I’m still saying that’s bonding plaster - you can see the large grainy white bits in plaster - no ideas what they are but that’s what bonding looks like

    Great for deep filling of damaged areas - I’m a confident diyer but I can’t plaster to save my life but ……. I’m ok lashing on some bonding and floating over - ready for the pro plasterer

    Have a conversation with the guy, he may be reasonable. He may have been foolish quoting and then he started removing tiles ? But I’m guessing here - perhaps you had already removed them and he was aware of the condition of the wall ?

    Explain that your planning on simply painting the new plaster - hopefully you said this right from the start ?

    Even if he thinks your tiling splashback, 1st you can’t/shouldn’t tile over bonding plaster and 2nd, that’s no way flat enough to tile over

    Ask over the phone, what stage is the wall at, has he just bonded to repair and level and is he now going to skim over (2 coats are gone be needed for sure)

    Anyway, that’s my lot, hopefully the pros will pick up this evening - good luck and have that conversation with him

    Remind him about broken sockets and don’t pay any more money until everything is clear

    If there was way more damage and prep than he imagined, and if he’s planning on skimming over, then £40 extra is ok, as long as you end up with a paintable finish
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  16. Roision

    Roision New Member

    Will do thanks for the advice. I’m going to ring him later but it really helps having a bit of knowledge behind me. Oh yes he knew I just wanted to paint and he removed tiles.
    thanks again
  17. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Well-Known Member

    I agree with DIY Dave. That looks like bonding coat.
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  18. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Also agree with Dave, thats bonding plaster not a skim finish, it's rough by design to provide a key for the smooth finishing plaster. If he broke stuff, then he pays for stuff or it gets knocked off the bill. However those plastic faceplates are pennies to buy, and can easily be replaced, worry not so far.
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