Accrediting someone else's work?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by I Hate Bodgers, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. I Hate Bodgers

    I Hate Bodgers New Member

    A serious question to all 'real' sparkys out there. First, a brief background:

    I'm not officially qualified in any of the 'building' trades but I'm a very competent DIY'er and have experience of most jobs. I'm a self-employed property developer and do most works myself. I ALWAYS insist on work being done to the highest standard and will not attempt something that either I don't understand or is illegal for me to do (EG. gas installations).

    I've had conflicting messages in the past so my question is twofold:

    1. Is it still legal for me to do all electrical work during a house refurbishment(and, if so, is this likely to change soon)?

    2. Where I may want to show proof of a competent installation (and satisfy myself - EG. if I was to rent out a property) would you be willing to simply test my installation and then issue certificates/guarantees or would you only issue certificates where you had been involved in the work?

  2. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    from april next year its illegal you would not be able to do any electrical work even for your self, you will need to have the instalation tested and a certificate issued, you will probrably be charged extra or may be failed because you havent had the person who is testing it in to do the leccy work
    personly i would charge the normal price but i would expect to be the one doing the rectifying work! not me telling you whats wrong then you doing the work! lol

  3. The Engineer

    The Engineer New Member

    It won't be Illegal to do your own electrics from April next year. The government has yet to issue the Document which sets out the mechanics of how the new Part P building regs will work, like when/who tests the installtions/alterations. NIC/ECA/NACOSS have all approached the government asking that they be accredited with the license to carry out the inspections, this has yet to be given the green light as the Governemet need 'numbers' of people who will be able to inspect. Supply/Demand. The earliest the updated paper is issued will be December. The earliest it will go for full out advertisment is July next year with a full start of Jan 2005.
    The second point i agree with super, I'll certify it but any remdial work I would carry out and charge you. If you are renting out the property you need to re-cert every time new tennants move in, go for long term lets!
  4. bilco

    bilco New Member

    I recollect...a guy in the states who did his own wiring. When the power com came to connect him they didn't find the union tag and refused to connect. I don't know what his options were...but he connected up to the nearest lamp post (same as charlie)...(perhaps they're related)
  5. I Hate Bodgers

    I Hate Bodgers New Member

    Thanks guys, that's cleared it up ... I think!

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