ACL Lifestyle Mid-Position Valve

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by malctoy, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. malctoy

    malctoy New Member

    Brrrr.... been cold this weekend with our central heating not functioning! I thought it was the Randall Danfloss 4033 timer control but it turns out to be the ACL Lifestyle Mid-Position valve located above the pump in our airing cupboard.

    It seems this is not working properly - sometimes on for a short period, sometimes off and the hot water scalding.

    I cannot find the item on the 'net' and it must be 10 years plus since we had it and probably not longer in production.

    Does anyone know of a suitable and recommended replacement? I was thinking of the electrics mainly as I realize that it will mean a 'draindown' of at least upstairs.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful as would my wife who is shivering all the time!!!!
  2.  ASBOhoodie

     ASBOhoodie New Member

    all mid pos valves are a standard fitting/dimensions..

    as for elec connection, some are earthed and some aint

    find out witch one yours is and replace appropriately
  3. user28

    user28 New Member

    Try this Drayton MA1/679-3 Central Heating Valve 22mm
    now Drayton.
  4. gaslad

    gaslad New Member

    whats all this crazy talk of a drain down ! do it on the bungs and save yourself a lot of time and effort filling up and clearing airlocks .

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