adding an additional rad on microbore

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by dave andy, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. dave andy

    dave andy Member

    Can anyone advise please - im looking at add another rad about 4 feet away from this one in to the conservatory. It's microbore I believe.
    Can I simply tee off the current pipework or will it have to come off the manifold. Where would the manifold be? Under the floorboards by the radiator? It's a 4 bed house, how many manifolds are there likely to be. Any advice please. I have contacted a couple of local plumbers but nobody seems to want to do a small job like this.
  2. kiaora

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    The micro bore pipe, is normally 8 or 10 mm,
    You may have to rebalance the system, but you may be able to add another radiator by tee,ing off a radiator.
    If it’s 10mm you may be able to get say 3kw load.
    So measures the existing radiator, find out the output, and that will give you an idea of the size of radiator you can add ?

    good luck

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  3. dave andy

    dave andy Member

    Can i find out the BTU of a radiator given it's size? on a sidenote, my brother who isnt in to DIY, said 'il blow the system' if i add another radiator on and the system cant take it.
    Is there any damage to be done or at best all il likely do is have 2 coldish rads?
  4. Heat

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    You could risk having one or both rads not working fully.
    The size of panels and if double or single and if panels have fins will indicate BTUs / Watts output
  5. DIY0001

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    You've answered your own question there mate. :D
  6. MGW

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    I added a second radiator to 10 mm micro bore and both are high output, the furthest is a Myson fan assisted which will auto turn off if too cool, and it has never turned off while boiler is running, so clearly water hot enough, yes instructions say don't feed a fan assisted with micro bore, but from experience I can say it still worked and it has been that way now for a good 15 years.

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