Adding another radiator on hot water system

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    I have a radiator in the bathroom that is on the hot water system, ie it heats up when hot water is being heated, it heats the rad. At the moment one pipe goes to the rad and the other one back. I want to add another radiator to this now and another in the future for an on-suite. Do I create a loop off of one pipe so in effect it extends the pipe, or do I spur off of both pipes into the new radiator ?
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    You say this one radiator is connected to the hot water ie when you heat water for a bath this radiator gets hot? Do all the radiators get hot or is it just this one.

    Your hot water and the central heating should be separate. Ideally the central heating system should have inhibitor in it and it is advisable not to be showering in it.

    What sort of heating set up do you have? Do you know how the plumbing is set up in your house? What calibre pipes do you have?

    If your radiator has two pipes- one will be the feed (hot waters enters) and the other the return (less hot water leaves). Generally each of these pipes is fed from a larger pipe (again a feed and return pipe). Each radiator generally will be spurred off these main pipes. You could technically spur off each of the feeds and returns of the existing radiator but then you will likely be left with running your pipes above the floor to the next radiator. It would prefer to spur each off the main pipes- especially so if you are putting in new radiators in different rooms.

    Can you get access under the floor?
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    The radiator will be connected to hot water side of the system going through the coil in the cylinder.

    The inhibitor only goes in the coil and heating pipes of the indirect cylinder and not in the cylinder itself.

    There is no chance of taking a shower in the inhibitor,unless something drastic happened.
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    I presume what he means is that the bathroom rad is connected to the hot water primary heating circuit off the boiler rather than the radiator circuit, quite normal. This is what I will do for my bathroom towel radiator, even connect it before the 3 position valve so it gets warm if hot water or central heating is called for.

    To extend this, you need to take a feed off both the flow and return pipes so extra radiators are in parallel, so to speak. You spur off both pipes.
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    have to consider how the existing bathroom radiator is heat controlled it could be controlled via a cylinder stat.

    Some thoughtful plumbing will deliver the heat expected.

    If you need your cylinder contents to reheat rapidly then adding radiators/towel warmers will have an adverse effect.


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