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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Russell_Crowbar, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. Russell_Crowbar

    Russell_Crowbar New Member

    Good evening all,

    I'm pricing up some charges for a new kitchen.

    We currently have a gas oven. The plan is to remove and replace with an electric oven and an electric hob. I know this needs to be done by a qualified sparky, I'm just looking for a steer...

    Attached is a photo of my consumer unit. There are 2 spare ports on the non-RCD protected side, which is all lighting. Looks to be one spare on RCD side.

    Could I have the oven and hob added to this consumer unit? For info, the appliances are right on the other side of the wall to the consumer unit, reducing logistical burden.

    If you can't read the images, there are already kitchen sockets, and kitchen fan on there. Then 2 separate socket ports.

    If I can add them, any estimates of a sparky's charge?

    If I need a new consumer unit, any estimates of installation of a new consumer unit and the appliances added?



  2. Nomenklatura

    Nomenklatura Active Member

    Other way round (fortunately for you, as you need RCD ways). The RCD protects the circuits to the left of it.
  3. Nomenklatura

    Nomenklatura Active Member

    Sorry - the idiot that wrote post #2 got it completely wrong - take no notice of his nonsense, you're right about where the unused positions are.
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