Adding ventilation through concrete slab

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    Hi all,

    Im trying to get some ventilation to a suspended floor in our kitchen at the back of the house. Theres good ventilation at the front of the house and some of the back.

    unfortunately the previous owners built a small extension in the kitchen with a concrete slab butted to the suspended floor with no through vents for air to ventilate. The timbers arent in contact with the concrete but id still like some ventilation.

    The extension is a bit of a bodge with concrete directly on earth/dirt. See pic.

    its not a huge area so full excavation is possible to relay a suspended floor however id rather not.

    would it be possible to excavate 2 or 3 strips through concrete to the external wall, install air bricks and then run ducting and telescopic vents into the subfloor. I can then fill the chases with concrete.

    Does that sound reasonable? Is there anything i should be aware of or should i just excavate the whole thing?

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  2. kiaora

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    it would be a shame not to redo the concrete floor with some trunking at below floor level.
    to vents, and screed on top

    looks like a major refurbish, don't spoil it for a few hours work to fit the vents, and renew the concrete floor
    it will be there a long time !

    good luck

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