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    I'm looking for some suggestions for repairing the DPC on my home.

    I have lived in this property for 10 years and never had any damp issues, and do Not have any at this time.
    I have removed the decking that was here when I arrived 10 years ago since it was becoming dangerously rotten.
    It was elevated above the DPC.

    After removing the decking, I have discovered that some brick courses could do with re-pointing but the DPC is damaged in places and so I'm concerned about re-pointing and bridging the DPC.
    Also, there was a damaged airbrick that was allowing mice to get in and I have removed that but unfortunately the DPC, just under it, just disintegrated even though I tried to take as much care as possible.

    The DPC seems to be a bitumen type material given how it just crumbles - the house was built in the 1930s.

    My intention was to try and repair the chipped areas of DPC and patch under the airbrick with another bitumen-based DPC that I could paint on in layers, but it seems, after doing some searching, that the products on the market are only intended for DPM under floors and the like and that DPC is generally always a plastic roll. Not sure I will be able to get the required overlap under the airbrick if I use a length of DPC roll since if I chase out the mortar either side of the base of the airbrick then I'm sure the DPC will continue to just crumble away.

    Any advice on materials or techniques much appreciated.

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