Adjust Rehau patio doors to stop draught

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by danped, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. danped

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    I have some rehau profile patio doors, they open inwards and when I close them the seal doesn't close tightly all the way around which leaves a draught. patio doors.jpg

    I have tried adjusting the mechanism which looks like it will most obviously resolve this problem. This is when you pull the handle up to lock the door and the circular bolts slot into the other door the thing they slot into I have adjusted to its maximum position to pull the door shut, but this still leaves a gap.

    Are there any other adjustments I can make to close this gap or is it an issue with the size of the seal or manufacture of the door?

  2. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Don't know if it is on yours, but the 'circular bolts' rollers can also have an ecentric cam, and can be adjusted too(usually with 3mm allen key).

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  3. danped

    danped New Member

    I have been investigating today and by eccentric cam if you mean when you rotate it doesn't move about its middle then it does have that, I've put it on its max setting also and still doesn't close the gap. Though if I could get a bigger one of these that would help to do it!
  4. Are this newly fitted doors ? if so has the frame been installed plumb and square i.e is the bowing shown in your sketch on doors or frame ?
  5. Biffo

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    looks as if its down to the glazing ,?? if the doors are not packed to suit , take off the 2 long beads ,then try closing and locking the doors ,youll be able to see whats going on and pack them to suit .

    looking at the pic again , you may have bent door/doors ?? there are ways of fixing this by deglazing , releasing the reinforcing (if there is any ) and refixing reinforcing to take the bow out ,
  6. danped

    danped New Member

    k-s-w-c: I fitted the doors about 12 months ago, I think they have been like this since but I've only just realised now. Good point on the bowing, it could be on the frame but the other door which closes first fits fine with no gap. It may be I can release this a little at the bottom so they all fit together.

    Biffo: I've just checked to see if the door is bent, if anything it bends the other way to what I've shown in the picture. I know that sounds weird but it does.

    The gap will close if I just push it and it really seems like I just need the cam to be a bit bigger to close it more tightly.
  7. Biffo

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    the door that closes first will have a locking style screwed onto it . what im thinking when the other door was glazed the "fitters" hammered the bead on big time ,causing the bow ,if you dont fancy taking the bead off ,try knocking the style back with a mallet and small length of timber
  8. danped

    danped New Member

    I figured this out today. On the first picture the bottom circular bolt on the right hand door was not engaging with the bit on the other door. I popped the bottom hinge open and adjusted the door a bit to the left and now it engages and pull tightly shut.

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