Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by romanian)guy, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. romanian)guy

    romanian)guy New Member

    how to start biznes ?
    i put 1000 liflets in door and nuthing
    woman from india rang me to offer 1 day job,i sed no!!!!
    shi want give 50 qit

  2. robbiedaywork

    robbiedaywork Member

    try putting just one leaflet in the door, 1000 is a bit off putting.
  3. idontlikeit

    idontlikeit New Member

    go back to selling big issue roman,i want to move it move it. hehe ilike that
  4. rooms-by-design

    rooms-by-design New Member

    If the leaflets are as bad as this posts spelling, i'm not suprised you have no responses.
  5. Ian the pain-ter

    Ian the pain-ter New Member

    I am surprised someone is suprised with someone elses bad spelling!!!!!
  6. potty painter

    potty painter New Member

    Ian, good on you mate. Hope you are ok.

  7. painterbird

    painterbird New Member

    she tell me i wanna sheet on the bed!...i said i no sheet on the bed..i have sheet in my bag!
  8. romanian)guy

    romanian)guy New Member

    ian the painter what u mean a****
  9. imcalledal

    imcalledal Member

    In the morning I go down to eat breakfast,
    I said to the waitress I want to pieces of toast,
    She brings me only one piece,
    I tell her I want to piece,
    She said go to the toilet,
    I say you dont understand,
    I wanna piece on my plate,
    she said you better not **** on your plate you son of a *,
    I dont even know the lady and shes calling me son of a b*

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  10. Ian the pain-ter

    Ian the pain-ter New Member

    I am very well potty, thank you, and how are you doing?
  11. potty painter

    potty painter New Member

    Ian, I am fine thanks. Hope you are keeping busy.

  12. A & F Painting

    A & F Painting New Member

    it usualy takes time. also depends how good you are. If you good people will talk about you. May be web site is a good starting point.
    hope that helps
    if you have anymore quastions let me know

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