Advice for hanging drawers on plasterboard / void

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by sic_22, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. sic_22

    sic_22 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a wall made up of plasterboard insulated with polystyrene (c30mm). I'm looking for some advice on what fixtures to use to hang two sets of drawers on it.

    Behind the wall is a void (of c.70mm) and then the exterior wall (c.200mm). Distance from inside wall to masonry therefore c.100mm - through the insulated plasterboard and void.

    Any advice appreciated, two possible options below.

    1. Fix to plasterboard using hollow wall anchors, longest I can see are 72mm.

    2. Fischer frame fixings - 10x160mm.

    Long fixings where 60mm would sit in the masonry, 70mm would be in the void and the remaining 30mm would be in the plasterboard. Link to product below.

    These are the drawers - they hang between three panels, each panel fixed to the wall at the top and bottom.

    Would really appreciate some advice on what the best fixtures would be here. There are holes in the panels for 6 fixtures (top and bottom of each panel).

    There's a 40 inch TV mounted on the wall with what looks like about 6 large I know it can take some weight, but not certain on what fixtures were used!

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    You'd be better off for peace of mind cutting out a couple of squares of plasterboard and insulation neatly, fixing 18mm (as a minimum) plywood or couple of noggins of CLS or 4x2 directly to the wall, then putting the plasterboard back and fixing the drawers directly though to the timber pattresses.
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  3. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    The chances of the two walls being parallel to each other in all directions is zero, so you will have to adjust them to become parallel. As @Jord86 says, remove the plaster board, replace with chipboard, doing whatever it takes to get them parallel and then fix the drawer runners to the chipboard. This is by far the simplest solution.
  4. sic_22

    sic_22 New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I had wanted to avoid removing any of the plasterboard wall! But it sounds like the most reliable solution.
  5. freeflyer

    freeflyer New Member

    I'm only a competent DIY'er , but having tried many many different fixings in the past (whilst avoiding hacking up the wall and fitting battens), the only thing that i find works for heavy duty hollow wall fittings is :

    1) Frame fixings, as you suggest. Long Frame Fixings. 150mm.
    2) Gripits. You'll find them on screwfix. These do rely on the plasterboard itself, but are very strong:

    I'd trust the frame fixing more than the gripits, but i can say that gripits are *very* good when i've used them and would happily hang a decent sized wall mount TV off them.
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