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    Be as critical as you wish. Just finished this tiny (really tiny) understairs bathroom. Client very happy with it most importantly but would appreciate comments on whether the layout is ‘correct’. Particularly around window. I found that whatever I did I was left with a super-tiny tile nearest the sloping ceiling but the grout gap would be too big in my opinion to not tile it. Think your eye would be drawn to it especially as the client wanted grey grout.

    I figured that spacing everything across would have upset the symmetry around the window which is what you see facing you as you walk in. The right decision or should I have left the window tiles off-centre as nobody would have noticed?

    Likewise I felt that the tiling in the recess should follow the stretcher bond tile layout on the top and bottom but the sides looked better without vertical joins wrapping round. I did consider after that perhaps I should have done the entire recess in single tiles, ie cut edge facing out on all four sides?

    All feedback welcome. Not looking for a pat on the back if its fine so feel free to **** it off. Always keen to learn.

    Apologies. Photos seem to all be sideways.

    8A47E61E-CE5A-42F2-A09C-5C8B8B6906F4.jpeg 11F15365-FADB-458A-86ED-182C0F6C9939.jpeg 22A5F4F7-6997-4B4E-9D98-BA2CA37D494A.jpeg 10AFC808-FD49-4E96-B28E-B845181C450C.jpeg
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    Looking really good Truck. Metros are always a pain in the arris when setting out and a compromise often has to be made somewhere because of the lack of adjustment size.
    Regarding the window reveal I always stick to the rule that if it's over a half tile then stick with brick bond. Have done it without before (because it's easier) and personally think it looks odd.

    I used to like doing metros when it was a once a year sort of event so a novelty, but now its every other job I'm sick of the sight of em.
    And if you're asked to do them herringbone pattern then either refuse or stick a grand onto the quote, you'll need it.
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    Many thanks. Much appreciated.

    Should definitely have charged more for this one. Partly for the metros. Partly beside the client didn’t want to pay my 20% on materials but then called me dozens of times asking what to buy, ‘can you send me links’ etc. I did politely point out that the reason I charge 20% was precisely because it takes time to source materials and him saving the money but still getting me to do the work wasn’t really on. Part of my advice was not to buy grey grout - but he did of course. At least it was silver grey. Client also runs a childcare business from home so aside from spending a week laying half in the hall half in the toilet I also had to keep most of my tools outside through two locked doors ‘for safety’. Bit of a nightmare all round. Live and learn.

    Just to clarify your window reveal advice. My single tiles on the left and right of the recess were more than half a tile so are you saying that I should have used brick bond in the recess in isolation to the pattern on the wall so one ‘full’ tile and then above and below it a joint dead centre (as opposed to taking the wall tile round the corner into the recess with a join wherever it lands) .

    Thanks again.

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