Advice needed for over head storage fixings

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  1. RandomTaskDave

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    I’m looking for advice on some over head storage I’m building, regarding the right type of screws and raw plugs to use on the wall please.

    The wall has 70mm thick plasterboard on it, with a 20mm cavity with breeze blocks behind it. From measuring the other side of the wall and door frame, they’re either 100mm or 140mm thick blocks. What I was intending on doing was fixing some 45mm square batons along the wall for support, but I was unsure what type of raw plugs and screws to use.

    My plan (due to me only having a long drill bit of 10mm thick to hand) was to drill a hole all the way through to and into the breeze block. So based on some maths I needed to drill in 160mm, then I’d need screws that are approx 200mm long and I was going to push a 70mm m10 raw plug into the hole, past the plaster, into the breeze blocks by 70mm. Then tighten the screws into the 45mm baton, through the plaster and into the 70mm raw plug in the breeze block. Hopefully that makes sense.

    See picture of inspection hole I drilled out.

    Not sure if that’s the right way, unless anyone can come up with a better suggestion?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Threaded bar and chemical fixing maybe. Buy long length and just cut to size. Easy to do and will hold well in blocks. 6mm bar maybe
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  4. RandomTaskDave

    RandomTaskDave New Member

    So with all the advice you’ve given (thank you!!) I’ve fitted the batten to the wall using the glue with threaded bars and it’s worked a treat.

    Today I’ve moved onto trying to fit another batten to the joists in the ceiling. However, after several attempts I couldn’t locate the joists!

    I’ve cut a small section of the the ceiling to inspect and I’ve again found quite a thick plasterboard with foam on the back and then above that some kind of plastic mesh, the insulation behind that.

    Any advice that can be given on how I can find the joists through all I’ve just said would be greatly appreciated. I’m total lost how I can locate them.

    See picture below of inspection hole I cut in the ceiling. Thanks again in advance

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  5. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Mesh is to hold insulation in place then boards fitted over.

    Run a magnet over surface to find metal fixing. I carry one just for the job vs digging holes but you have insulated board but I think there should be metal fixings. Twist hammer type and magnet will pick them up with any luck
  6. RandomTaskDave

    RandomTaskDave New Member

    Thanks, I’ll get a magnet a try it out. :)

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