Advice needed on lifting worktop joint

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Jon h, Jan 10, 2020.

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    You are being fobbed off, and I suspect the furniture ombudsman will be a waste of time. When you pay top dollar you expect and are entitled to a perfect job. This isn't. What I suggest you do is go to another kitchen fitter/professional joiner and get a quote to put it all right. Then go back to wren and tell them the kitchen is not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality and give them one opportunity to sort it out. Tell them if they fail to correct the faults, you will get the work done by others and then use the small claims court to claim damages from them. You are entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of the remedial work, so you will have to pay out to get it sorted first and then use the invoice as the basis for your claim.

    You have a pretty solid case, because that is demonstrably shoddy workmanship.
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  2. cliffk

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    My God that joint is terrible the fitter is obviously incompetent and the companies installation manager is talking rubbish, if he thinks this is acceptable he is also incompetent.

    1. The fitter has just removed the PVC edging on the female side of the joint, leaving the edge without routing it leaves a coarse face and glue residue so the joint has no chance of pulling up.

    2. An attempt has been made to mitre the PVC on the female joint but it has been cut oversize.

    3. The saw has cut into the worktop when cutting back the PVC showing a nick in the laminate top.

    4. No attempt has been made to mitre the PVC edging on the male side joint it has been left square and does not fit into the mitre cut on the female side.

    5. The laminate is lifting on the front of the male joint probably due to moisture ingress, looking at the rest of the joint workmanship it is doubtful that the fitter has sealed the joint.

    The fitter beggars belief how can he think this workmanship is acceptable, if this is his attempt at something that is permanently on display what is his work like where you cant see it?

    Wren portray this image of excellence when actually their product is mediocre but fitted correctly and competently it can be decent, therefore they should use proper fitters.
    I have been to 2 Wren kitchens where the customers have had the Wren fitters removed from site and both times the standard of work has been appalling and quite a bit of refitting has had to be done before the job could be picked up from where they left off.
    The installation manager doesn't seem to have a clue either!!!! how can loosening bolts and applying contact adhesive to the joint help to repair this shoddy workmanship

    The only solution is as said by others the worktops should be replaced and a proper joint cut.

    If you get no joy from Wren then you should have a qualified independent installer write you a detailed report highlighting the faults and provide you with a quotation to rectify them, take this to Wren give them the chance to either rectify the job satisfactorily them selves or pay your appointed installer, if they refuse then I'm afraid you will have to foot the bill and go through the small claims court to recover the cost.

    If you leave it and do nothing the joint will just end up being nasty forever.
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  3. kitfit1

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    100% in agreement with all of the above. The fact that Wren's use shoddy fitters does not surprise me in the least.
    What did shock me though, as i mentioned earlier, is the reply to the OP from the installations manager. It really does begger belief that such an idiot is in a position with any kitchen retailer as an installations manager.
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    Apologies bud, didn't receive any further notifications to say I had anymore comments. Thanks for the advice. Very much appreciated.
  5. Jon h

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    Apologies bud, didn't receive any further notifications to say I had anymore comments. Thanks for the advice. Very much appreciated.
  6. kitfit1

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    This OP is what you should be looking at, different finnish obviously but only done today.


    Unless it looks at least like above, it's not a proper joint.
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  7. Jon h

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    Hi kitfit1, there is no comparison. Makes ours look awful.
  8. kitfit1

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    That's because yours is truly dreadful to be honest :D And that joint i did this morning although not 100% perfect, is easily more than acceptable.
    You really do need to hit Wren as much as you can over this, and especially there so called "installations manager". The more I think about this guy, the more i would just punch his light out if ever i met him.
  9. Jon h

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    With regards to work completed we originally couldn't see, Unfortunately, I'm not able to upload anymore photos. Server issue it states but I can tell you that after the flood caused by the plumber (didn't tighten washing machine hose correctly) , I found lumps of cement on the floor (originally covered by old cabinets) that the underlay and LVT were just laid over. Furthermore, under the washing machine, we had a hole in the ground. Instead of giving me a call and asking for a bag of cement, they said nothing and filled it with shingle that came out of our own garden.
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    Thank you for taking the time to comment bud and for providing the links.

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