Advice needed on new Dewalt drill - DCD778 or DCD796 with smaller batteries

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Madmax83, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Hi all

    Been looking at a new combi drill and have a bit of a dilemma. Got 3 options...

    1. Dewalt DCD778 with 2 x 5.0Ah batteries and case for £153. This is a brushless drill, 65Nm torque and 1750 rpm.
    2. Dewalt DCD796 with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries and case for £134. Similar to above however it is smaller but more powerful; it has 70Nm torque and up to 2000 rpm.
    3. Dewalt DCD796 with 1 x 5.0Ah battery and case for £135

    I like the sound of the DCD796 however don't want to shoot myself in the foot by missing out on the 2 x 5.Ah batteries as I know these are expensive to buy separately.

    Just for context I am a casual DIYer so don't need to have 2 x 5.0Ah batteries on standby but in terms of building my collection, having the 5.0ah batteries would be useful if I start getting additional Dewalt bare tools but it's a nice to have, not a deal breaker. I'm happy purchasing corded tools in future if it means I get more power for less money, as opposed to being tied to one brand.

    Any advice or pointers welcome
  2. toolz

    toolz Member

    This topic is nice timing for me since I'm also a casual DIYer looking for a new drill. My current drill is a cheapy £50 one. I was thinking about going for Makita but haven't decided on a model. Approx £150.
    Noticed that B&Q are selling dual Bosch drill and driver set for £140. It annoys me having to take out the drill bit and replace with screwdriver bit so thought it might be useful to have a bonus driver.
  3. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Screwfix Select

    Makita twin pack currently on offer at Screwfix for £150 plus VAT. Comes with two 3a batteries and charger. Batteries alone make it nearly worth the price. I’ve got two drills and two impacts and can’t fault them. My previous one lasted about 15 years and even then I only gave it away as it became difficult to get the old style batteries for it.
  4. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Out of interest, why are you looking at a Makita?

    I used to be like this as a casual DIYer however when I actually started researching drills, I realised that pound for pound, the Dewalt was far better value. You get a much more powerful drill for less money. I've realised Makita has quite a fanboy-style following which I also wanted to be part of at one point.

    It was only when I compared the drills more closely I realised there was a huge difference in price when comparing like for like. Take the above Dewalt drill for instance. To get the Makita version (brushless, similar torque and rpm), I'd need to spend double! That made no sense whatsoever, especially for a casual DIYer. Now I could get a Makita drill for around £150, but it won't be as powerful.
  5. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Be wary of teh Bosch at B&Q - they are almost certainly green DIY grade and way different from teh Blue range.
  6. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Always useful to have 2 batteries - guaranteed that 90% of the way through a task one will run out (even with 5Ah). I use my Bosch with 2Ah and 4Ah - and when working up high, I often find the 2Ah better being lighter.
  7. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Yeh makes sense.

    I found another deal on FFX which gets rid of the dilemma - Dewalt DCD796 with 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and case for £160.

    So about £26 more for 2 x 4ah batteries instead of 2 x 2ah, seems like a no brainer to me.

    What do you think? Which one of these, now FOUR options, would you have gone for?
  8. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    To me PERSONALLY - none! I don't like the feel of DeWalt, but that is just my hands. Nothing wrong with them technically and I do actually have a DeWalt right angle drill.

    Of the options, the 796 is the newer version and the 778 may be on the way out. Do you need 5Ah - probably not. I have a Bosch SDS GBH18v-21 with 4Ah batteries and that is perfectly adequate. With 4Ah bateries typically £55 to £60 each, plus charger, plus case, plus body ... and 2Ah batteries at £25-30 each.

    Go for the DCD796 & 2 x 4Ah from FFX. It is also worth calling them to see if they can better the price as they often have "discounts days/weeks". Maybe try and get a 2Ah battery added for £10.
  9. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Thanks @FlyByNight, that's very helpful. I wasn't aware FFX could do deals, I will try it out.
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  10. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Always worth a call ...
  11. GS63

    GS63 Active Member

    Get this one. I have a 796 which I use with 4Ah batteries - they last ages.
  12. Danny32

    Danny32 Active Member

    I recently bought the DeWalt DCD776 2DT with 2x 2.0ah batteries from Screwfix, £119.00.
    Does me fine for DIY.
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  13. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Done! Glad to hear, i've heard nothing but positive for this drill.
  14. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Screwfix Select

    Any luck with FFX?
  15. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    Unfortunately not as the drill and 2ah battery was already both discounted.
  16. Tilt

    Tilt Screwfix Select

    Just my 2 pence worth..........

    Purchased a few things from FFX, usually via there ebay shop iirc....... Very good service.

    And as another mentioned, not keen on DeWalt myself either, but each to their own regarding personal choice.

    The reason I purchased my first Makita Cordless drill was that it was the only one at that time that would fit inside a 300mm kitchen cabinet with the magnetic bit holder (and bit) in the chuck, so I was able to screw the cabinets together and the hinges in, without faffing about...... Good kit IMO.
  17. Madmax83

    Madmax83 Active Member

    This is what I liked about the Dewalt DCD796. It's got good power yet is very compact.

    Why were you not keen on Dewalt out of interest?
  18. penkenna

    penkenna Active Member

    As above the 796 is compact but very powerful.
  19. toolz

    toolz Member

    Still haven’t bought a drill but saw this one.
    Is that the same as the DCD796 you’ve all been raving about? Only 1.5Ah which I’m guessing is not good…

    What I liked about the Makita is that they seemed quite compact and I liked the long flat battery on the bottom as I’ve broken loads of drill bits from my drill falling over. Might not get a twin pack as I can use the old drill as a driver. Drivers are smaller and easier to get into awkward spaces, so we’ll see.
  20. Tilt

    Tilt Screwfix Select

    I learnt very early on to lay my cordless drill down rather than stand it on it's battery bottom.
    Accident waiting to happen IMO.
    I would have damaged lots of worktops or doors or flooring if I stood my drill up and had broken loads of drill bits......

    Just an idea.
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