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    [​IMG]hi guys,

    I am trying to work out how i paint the top of my house above the extension bit, i realise i will probably need some sort of scaffolding, could anybody suggest the type that will work and maybe even how i get to the hard to paint bits.


    i can paint the rest easily with a ladder i am just struggling to workout the best way to do this part,
    thanks in advance :)
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    In all the houses I've ever owned, one of the first things that I do is use a really long ladder and mount a rock climbing attachment into the brickwork at the highest point of the house. I then use that to secure myself with my climbing rope and climbing harness. I'm then able to do whatever I need to do up there without fear of falling off.

    In your case, once you've secured yourself, there's no real need for scaffolding (expensive and a big hassle). Just use a sheet of old plywood on top of your roof tiles to spread the load of you working up there and get painting. The plywood also helps avoid splashes or drips on your tiles while you're painting.
  4. Aiden311

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    even if i do stand on the roof, i wont be able to reach the bits up the top
  5. Jord86

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    Tower scaffold on the ground, fit a scaffold board or sheet of ply onto the low level roof to spread the weight, then run scaffold boards from the tower onto the high part of the single storey extension roof you’ve just covered with ply/ scaffold board, you should be able to reach the apex of the double storey extension then.
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    Go to local hire shop. Probably need a week hire. Above mentioned tower scaffold with roof access. Best crack on as weather will be a problem this year. Something like this. Best I link back, found picture here 04.jpg
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    You will probably find that the side of your extension is too narrow for a most scaffolding towers as you normally need 1.4m width as minimum. The narrower towers are not really that safe over 2m in height.

    I would get a proper scaffold firm in to do the job for you - not the one in the picture above whom have castor wheels at the bottom of the tower resting on small pieces of wood on top of gravel :rolleyes:

    Whilst it is difficult to see from the angle of the picture, you may be able to make yourself a platform using some scaffold planks which lie on the roof and touch your boundary wall and with a block screwed underneath that hooks over the ridge. This will stop it moving and spread the load over the roof. Then using some other boards make a platform to support a short ladder. Not ideal by any means and by the time you have done this it could work out the same price as scaffold.


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