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    Had an alleged roofer do some work a few months back facials and gutters. We had some ridge tiles needing reseting however he suggested a dry ridge system so went on his advice. His lads made a total mess of the ridge system with 3 attempts to sort it out at the end it looked better but as we have a roof window Iwwas able to see the webbing was not stuck to the tiles fully also the leading arount the chimney was all damaged where they had been stood repointing the chimney. I also noticed cracked tiles. I've been been back and and forth with this guy promising after denying any damage was down to his lads that they would come and rectify the issues. This has gone on for months and now I'm at the point of going to open a small claim. I have all the pictures of the original ridge mess up and pictures of the proceeding damage which he agreed to sort as the work is supposed to be on warranty. I also have all of the messages even the aggressive messages going back and forth however it shows I've been more than reasonable

    Should I take this to small claims would it be advisable to claim for the roof replacement due to tile and lead damage.

    And is there a roofer local to me in Manchester who would. Be happy to assess the roof currently so I can effectively fight this case?


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