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    Hi all,

    The flat above me has a leak which is coming through my bathroom ceiling. I talked to the owner and had a look at the plumbing underneath, the problem is pretty obvious but not where to find the part.

    There is a flexible pipe from the bath overfill to the bath drain with a standard P trap underneath.

    This is all fine, but the back of the fitting for the bath overflow has a T connector into it with two overflow pipes (21.5mm)into that, one from the toilet and one from the fill/expansion tank.

    The T connector has broken off from the main body of the bath overflow fitting, that's causing the leak, any ideas on where to buy the fitting. All the bath wastes I can find don't seem to have the additional overflow fitting at the back.

  2. You can get these replacement overflows from drain center.
    The t piece picks up the toilet or the overflow from the hot water cylinder or both.
    Think there about £22 for complete waste.

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