Advice on ducting kitchen extractor fan through air brick

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    Dear Screwfixers,

    Wonder if any plumbers, electricians or kitchen fitters could advise me on best way to duct kitchen extractor fan through and existing airbrick in my flat.

    Should be able to view some pictures from the following link (click them to enlarge):

    Image 1: Final kitchen plan. Extractor will be installed into the middle wall unit.
    Image 2: Picture of the same aspect
    Image 3: Air brick from inside with dims
    Image 4: Air brick from outside with dims

    My plan will be to run rectangular manrose ducting flat along the wall, taking 45 degree turns around the column and behind right-hand side wall unit to the centre one for connection with the extractor.

    Manrose ducting:

    I would welcome advice on how to achieve this, specifically how to duct through the airbrick to the outside. It’s a cavity wall so aware it needs to be air tight connection.

    I’ve seen double air brick ducting adaptors but the dimensions don’t seem to be compatible. Some examples here:

    Any help on this gratefully received.

    Many thanks,


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