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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by 1st time bodger, Feb 27, 2020.

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    1930's flat.. Old floor, 14mm-ish thickness, maybe asphalt, oxide (it was red), bitumen and god knows what carpet glues. Imagine the bitumen was the latest in DPM back then.

    Removed totally in main bedroom (12 sq m) due to hollowness and crumbling. Revealing very bumpy but fine looking concrete subfloor.

    Kitchen as above, but bits of the floor could stay as they are in tact and still well attached to the concrete base.

    So where floor has been removed planning to:
    clean // prime // Arditex NA to approx 8-10mm (with aggregate possibly) // Ardex DPM // NA to finish // underlay and carpet in bedrooms and vinyl everywhere else.

    Thoughts and advice about those choices are welcome. I'm competent, but it's the first time doing a floor.

    Sad stories about SLC seem to be from it going off too quickly from heat or the existing floor sucking away too much moisture from the mix. Ardex says no need to seal before Arditex NA, is that true in practice?

    How well will the NA stick where it meets the old floor? What can help this?

    Elsewhere the old floor as mentioned but also a layer of some SLC over the bathroom, patchy but ok looking. Hoping I can I get away with a thin version of the Ardex NA / DPM / NA. Then it's gonna be vinyl over the kitchen, hall, bathroom.

    Feels like the Ardex products are top notch (especially over the variety of surfaces I have), but they aren't cheap! Still it's worth doing well.

    Didn't mean to write a whole essay about it, but if anyone can spot anything pointlessly expensive, misguided... or just has any advice, I'd be happy to hear about it.

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