advice on prepping a new ensuite for tiling

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Chris Etherington, May 18, 2020.

  1. Chris Etherington

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    Hi All,
    long time lurker but just joined to ask for some advice please.
    I am putting a new small ensuite in an existing room and want to do the job right.
    Going to get the tiling done by a pro but doing alot of the grunt work myself and looking for some advice please
    (havent got a tiler yet so if anyone is sheffield based on here they are welcome to quote?)

    Have one wall which is brick with painted plaster and one wall which is stud walling.
    I am planning on stripping the existing stud wall off and reboarding with tile backer board (recommendation for the best board would be appreciated.
    Do i need to do anything to the existing painted plaster brick wall or can this be tilled on
    Should I tank this wall or even the whole thing ?
    THe floor is currently laminate flooring. Can i just screw this down and put tile backer board over this or should i remove? then do i put down ply then backer board or just backer board over the flooring.
    going to fit a normal shower tray etc but want to do the job right so don't get issues int he future and any advice on this would be greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance

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