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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by oldsch00l, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    Hi guys, looking for some advice please regarding a quote I’ve had for a job.

    We have a large(ish) room that I’ve done a bit of light renovation to over the past year or so and am now looking for a joiner/carpenter to do some finishing work...

    Job comprises lining 3 door frames and hanging 3 new oak veneer doors + architrave; hanging one sliding/barn oak veneer door; fitting ~40m of skirting.

    I have the doors and all materials (bog standard pine for lining, pine ogee skirting/architrave, hinges, handles etc.) - doors will require little if any trimming.

    The quote I’ve had is £380 labour per door for lining/hanging/architrave and installing door furniture, £360 labour to hang the sliding door and install door furniture; and £10/m labour for skirting. So getting on for £2k in total.

    The guy won’t do day rate, which is fair enough, but my gut feel is he's asking a lot for the time it should take.

    Do you reckon this is reasonable, or is he extracting the Michael (we’re in Scotland, btw)?

  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    Is there anything you are not telling us ? For instance, the current doors, linings, architrave and skirting are still in place and he will have to remove and dispose of ? Age of house would be useful as well because some of us that have worked in Georgian/Victorian houses know full well these things can take twice as long to do than a modern house would.
    Either way, you should be looking at getting more than just one quote anyway.

    I will say though, even in London, £380 a door would be a bit steep.
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  3. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    Thanks @kitfit1. I've already removed and disposed of all the old doors, trim, skirting etc. so the openings are completely bare to the studs/header and ready for lining. Walls are plastered and painted to an inch or so above floor level. It's a late 90s extension, so standard plasterboard walls - all pretty much straight and plumb.

    Yes, waiting on two further quotes this week coming.

  4. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    Mmmmmmmm, i would defo wait on the other 2 quotes. From what you have said so far, i can see 2 days work maybe 3 if it can be hung out even further. I don't know any chippy that expects 2k for 3 days work and i certainly don't know any that actually get that or even remotely near it.
    Maybe he just dosn't want the job, it wouldn't be the first time a tradesman would have quoted over the odds because he didn't want the job.
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  5. davidnb

    davidnb Member

  6. davidnb

    davidnb Member

    Far too expensive. Probably doesn't really fancy the job.
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  7. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    That thought did cross my mind! Thanks again.
  8. Notnowvicar

    Notnowvicar Active Member

    There is probably a lot you could do, Door linings skirting and architrave are all pretty simple.
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  9. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    There are many many variables but ultimately I feel he's tekkin' t'pis, depending on whether linings, architraves and skirting boards are oak finish or to be painted his quote is about double what it should be. I see at least three days work there, probably four depending on those variables I mentioned.
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  10. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    Thanks @Jord86, pretty much confirmed my sus(pi$h)ions!

    Doors are oak veneer, but all linings, trim, skirting etc. is bog standard pine that'll be painted white.
  11. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Day 1-Linings and regular doors.
    Day 2-Door ironmongery perhaps if not achieved on day 1, architraves, sliding door.
    Day 3- Skirting, obviously straight runs are miles quicker, a room with two chimney breasts, sloping floors, alcoves everywhere etc etc may run into day four.
    Day 4- See day 3.
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  12. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Well-Known Member

    I've never been able to get my head around this. If I go and price up a job and immediately realise that either the job (or the customer) are going to be a nightmare, I'll politely decline to quote. This job is 3-4 days basic, steady work for a chippy. What's not to fancy about it? FWIW (and without seeing the job obviously) I'd ballpark around £1250 absolute tops - less if it was fairly straightforward.

    That having been said - I have a chippy mate who lives and works up on the West Coast (Girvan, Ayrshire). He charges like the Light Brigade, justifying it by saying that there's a real lack of decent tradesmen up there. It just seems to be the going rate in that part of Scotland.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2021
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  13. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    Thanks @woodbutcherbower, funny you say that - I went back and asked if he would consider either day rate or fixed price of £1200, which he outright refused - fair enough, his prerogative. I guess he must have enough work to pick and choose.

    Regarding Girvan, I know that area well and it's relatively remote so there may well be a shortage of "good guys". I'm near Glasgow, so plenty tradesmen - but also plenty work, evidently!

  14. sparko69

    sparko69 Screwfix Select

    The quote sounds high to me but to get the full picture you need to know the standard of workmanship. If someone else will do the job for £1200 but you aren't happy with the quality of the job then the cheaper quote could work out more expensive than the 2K quote (assuming the 2K quote would be high quality workmanship)
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  15. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    Agreed, the old “buy cheap, buy twice” adage often bears out, and I’ve no issue at all with anyone valuing their time, skill and experience as they see fit. I guess the market ultimately dictates whether they’re worth what they think.

    One difficulty with buying any service though is that without visiting previous jobs from everyone you get a quote from it’s nigh on impossible to get an objective idea of the quality of their work until the job is done (granted, online reviews and pics can be helpful, if available). Also, highest quote doesn’t necessarily equate to better workmanship, and nobody’s ever going to pitch themselves as the “cheap but sloppy” option.

    Still, consensus here appears to be that the guy’s quote is steep for what should be considered 3 days’ bread and butter work for any seasoned chippy.

    Thanks for the input.
  16. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Does the joiner drive a Bentley ?
    Think I will move to Glasgow.
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  17. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

    lol, not too far off it as it happens! Should that have raised alarm bells? ;)
  18. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    There's a gas fitter/plumber just down the road from me who's brand new sign written van only appears to move off the drive for a couple of days a week. When I say days, I mean a few hours at best. The Porche, however, is rarely seen.
    I do wonder how he's managed to corner a niche market so proficiently to basically only work a few hours a week and still live like a king.
    I wonder?
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  19. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    It's a " front" for an undercover joinery business he's running !
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  20. oldsch00l

    oldsch00l New Member

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