Advice on replace or redesign bath trap as slow drain/trickle down waste.

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Arron Borson, Nov 20, 2023.

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    I have a slow drain/on the bath after a shower use in this bath tub and its never been quick or fast. Gradually just getting longer and worse off. So we recently replaced the bath waste and trap as its never been replaced for a long time and was previously leaking from some other renovation work to another area of the tiling the en site. The trap pipe work was angled in on itself so the water couldn't go anywhere. Since then we have replaced the trap to a new McAlpine like for like and the whole length of the trap to waste water pipe has been replaced.

    The bath tub unfortunately the water does not drain. No other areas of the toilets, sinks or basins or bathtubs have this issue in the house.

    All i can think is hair or gunk build up in the waste pipe further down but there is no backing up of water coming back into the bathtub
    Or there is not enough angle or fall in the trap pipework for the water to go down quick.
    I have already dismantled the trap and ran it under a tap water does not flow, down then up the trap.

    The waste was also replaced to a popup one and a stainless steel one.

    See videos and photos - feedback welcomed im aware of the mess but its just ptfe around the waste, happy for it to be replaced just need some opinions, the reason i dont believe its a blocked drain because we have managed to snap about 10 metres and water and have wet vacced out and water is trickling down see video.

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