Advice please - Valspar emulsion left house smelling of cat urine

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by LJG, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Jane Crawford

    Jane Crawford New Member

    Yes I did 2 coats of BIN which is a sealant and then painted with dulux
  2. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    My reply was to the previous to your post (sam moodie), our posts clashed posting at the same time!:D
  3. Hi Garry.

    You don't need the batch numbers as this is a recognised issue. It would be 'unreasonable' to expect people to keep their empty paint tins...

    If there is a genuine issue with smell caused by Valspar paint, then you will be covered - there should be no question about this.

    Did you DIY the painting, or get a decorator in? For the latter, they should be able to confirm the type of paint used.

    What you need is confirmation that there is a smell, ideally by a rep from Valspar themselves or else by someone from the outlet where you bought the paint - where was this? Once it's confirmed there is a smell, then they'll have no option but to cover the costs of redecorating.

    Worst case scenario - but don't let it come to this - is that you first pay for it to be resolved and then you sue them. That should work, but only if you could demonstrate that there WAS a smell there in the first place, along with the clear suggestion that it is a Valspar paint (eg - on this wall I used their 'Rat's Breath' shade, and this feature wall is 'Rancid Urine'...)

    So, contact them - or the supplier - to have someone sent out. Obviously tell them to only come out on the types of days where the smell is worst - warm dry (getting more and more rare...)?
  4. Teresa Alexander

    Teresa Alexander New Member

    Thanks for that info I am very confused about which stain blocker to go with I have so much area to cover I don't want to get it wrong not sure why they changed their advice better get back to them again !
  5. Grazer

    Grazer New Member

    I have used Dulux Trade Stain Blocker and Primer. So far it has done the trick. This was recommended on the phone by Valspar to sort the issue.

    WRT a batch number, I needed one without the receipt. Try 6099951612209 T3 1385. They are open to haggling on costs for redecoration and materials.
  6. Suzieq

    Suzieq New Member

    I have just stumbled across this, painted 2 rooms before Xmas, horrific gas smell, had 3 plumbers out flushing drains that I've had to pay for, the rooms decorated by a professional decorator, so had to pay for that too. Thought I was going mad cause the smell isn't always there ...So is it a case of B and Q refunding? It was on Watchdog again tonight...that's how I stumbled across total accident
  7. Hopefully the many victims on this thread will come back and summarise what to do.
  8. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Zinsser BIN to seal off then top off with emulsion will fix. Phone B&Q help line
  9. Suzieq

    Suzieq New Member

    Thanks, the frustrating thing is the smell isn't there constantly, and I could never work out a pattern, it must be when the heating is on. Just glad to eventually get to the bottom of it! Now to try and sort!!
  10. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Paint counter will help at store but they will tell you to phone customer service. They fixed paints by dropping a few drops in tins to the effected batches. More effected up north but it was everywhere.
  11. Obi1

    Obi1 New Member

    #yournotalone I thought I had a gas leak LOL well not funny actually, only was it by chance that my wife caught the end of watchdog did we discover it was the paint.

    But bacically you need to contact Valspar, they have compensated me but in my humble opinion it was not enough to leave me feeling like they had accepted the true inconvenience and stress this has caused. They’re like just apply two coats of deluxe stain blocker the 2nd 45 mins after the first, leave for a week and happy days. Like it’s that simple.

    After I accepted, I then found out the issue goes way back to July 2017 and before but what has made me really upset with B&Q is that they sold me the paint in Oct 2017 knowing there was still issues but they don’t care.

    So B&Q can go forth as well as Valspar.
  12. Suzieq

    Suzieq New Member

    That would be right Wayners, I am up North! Just rung B and Q yesterday to put a complaint in, said it will be 72 working hours for them to get back to me. Looking at the date on my tin, it was bought last June. If they knew about this, then what I think is a disgrace is the fact that it wasn't publicised, rather than letting people suffer for months with horrible smells! I was almost at the point of having floor boards ripped up cause I thought pipes were leaking under the floor!
  13. Obi1

    Obi1 New Member

    When I spoke to B&Q yesterday their basic response was, we don’t understand why your calling us, #wedontcare #notourproblem
  14. Jeff Trendell

    Jeff Trendell New Member

    OK, I need to join the club !
    I too saw the report on Watchdog and it solved a long standing mystery...we had a Bedroom proffessionally painted last year and noticed the smell of pee as soon as we started opening the Window..I have been trying to call B&Q ref this for several hours today and just keep getting the recorded message !! Grrr
  15. Amusementman

    Amusementman New Member

    In short NEVER use vallspar it's worse thing out there.
    Just hope sun doesn't shine on Pai twirl inside as you will smell it for months.
    I had this problem at customer we ended up primer and Paint again with dulux gloss.
    Smell and quality was really really poorly.
    Good luck
  16. Suzieq

    Suzieq New Member

    Still waiting for B&Q to call me back!! Really poor customer service!! The first lady I spoke to when I complained said I'd get a call back within 2-7 working hours, when that didn't happen I called again, the 2nd guy I spoke to rather flippantly told me as they had a back log it was up to 72 working hrs, that has now been and gone and still no call back! What a total bunch of Muppets!
  17. Dave_gj

    Dave_gj New Member

    I had this problem when we moved into our new house. In summary I paid a Pro decorator and used Valspar as recommended and then within six months I could smell cat urine via a combination of sunlight and opening our windows. To cut a long story short I contacted B&Q Customer Services via email to ensure it was officially logged & to avoid being put on hold and passed around for hours and their customer service dept. responded very quickly asking me to confirm the following:
    • Batch number of the paint (found on the white label)
    • The blend of paint, V300, V500 or V700
    • What product was used for your surface preparation
    • A scan of your receipt or proof of purchase, if available
    • Store where purchase was made
    • Date of purchase
    I'd kept the majority of the paint cans in case I needed them for touching up etc. so I basically took photo's of the labels on the tins (the ones that weren't covered in paint) as I didn't have a clue what blends we'd bought and sent them a quick summary via an excel spreadsheet which I'd downloaded from my bank account which showed where & when I had bought the paint (all local B&Q stores) as I'd chucked the receipts away. They then passed it on to Valspar EU who contacted me, again very quickly, & they then offered to compensate me for each room I'd used the paint in or alternatively offered to send someone round to resolve it free of charge. It did take a month to get it resolved from my initial email but I hope this info helps as that smell is horrible.
  18. Ray911

    Ray911 New Member

    I can’t believe the Valspar cat pee/ smell of death is still rumbling on. There is only one solution to this so don’t waste your time and money doing anything else. First, buy a shed load of BIN sealer at £40 a tin (I didn’t say it was cheap). Cover every inch of the stinking Valspar in sealer. You can use a roller but will have to throw away all tools once done. Once that’s dry in about 10 minutes the smell will go. You only need one coat of BIN thankfully. You can then repaint with a proper paint. Zinser, who make BIN do a mixable biocides paint which can be mixed with any colour mixers, we used dulux heritage colours. You will need to go to a proper decorating shop for this but you will realise you should have gone there to start with. Zinser price is about the same a Valspar!!! Once your house/room is normal again go and shout at Valspar for ruining the last 12 weeks of your life and demanding compensation. I got it. Good luck
  19. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    I don't use Valspar, never have, never would, never will!
  20. Ray911

    Ray911 New Member

    Very wise

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