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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Blodge, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Blodge

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    Recently I have had a cast iron stove installed in front of a traditional fireplace and with its flue connected through a 45 elbow to the chimney flue. The stove is located the required 100mm out from the fireplace wall and the former fireplace opening has been studded and plaster boarded.

    The convection heat coming from the back panel and the two angled side panels of the stove has ‘blown’ the plaster board joints, which had both jointing compound and finishing plaster applied.

    Advice is therefore required in that should I now consider having a thicker plaster skim over the whole of the plasterboard surface behind the stove or would it be better to cover the plasterboard with a sheet of fireboard?
  2. sav00lips

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    how bad was the crack paster board veery often hair line cracks next to heat but there are a few posibilitys the first could be the stud has twisted with the heat the next like you said plaster very thin if you want to start again use 12mm ply then 12.5 plasterboard and make sure the plaster has two coats or you could try going over what you have already done ie plasterboard over again making sur the joints are differnt fireboard wouldnt make much diffirence.
  3. Blodge

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    Thanks for that. Will try first raking out, re-do and then two coats of plaster and if that fails will resort to plywood, plasternoard etc.


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