Advice Required On Boiler Servicing

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Yorkie218, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Yorkie218

    Yorkie218 New Member

    Hi all,

    We had a new Ideal boiler fitted last November which included a 7 year warranty providing we have it serviced every 12 months.

    What would be an average price for servicing, and do we have to stick to the people who installed it ?

    Does the 7 year warranty just cover for parts only or are we covered for any of the costs of the call outs and labour charges etc ?

    Also, do the manufacturers have their own engineers to repair their boilers or is down to the people who did the installation ? .... we're not sure how it all works.

    If anyone can advise it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    I would recommend using an approved Ideal agent for the servicing. Likely cost for a new boiler, I guess up to £100.

    No idea what warranty you have - but that shouldn't be hard to work out. You will usually only get the max warranty if you used an approved Ideal installer, and then registered the unit.
  3. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    You can get anyone to service your boiler if they are gas registered.
    If yearly service paperwork done then your 7 year warranty is with the manufacturer.
    I would think the warranty covers all costs, but check details provided to you, or ring the manufacturer.
    Prices for boiler servicing will vary. My area some are as little as £50 or £60
  4. The Teach

    The Teach Well-Known Member

    Its up to the visiting service technician,you may need to pay up front for repairs and claim it back from the manufacture.good luck there.

    best get the manufacture maintain your box of bits :p. some boilers need periodic service parts ie gaskets etc which are outside any warranty :(

    after the 7 year warranty your open to sales communications to purchase a new appliance.:(
  5. Dave does Gas

    Dave does Gas Well-Known Member

    £65.00 for a full service as per manufacturers instruction, Some of the larger companies will charge you more and only do a Flue Gas Reading and call it a service. IT IS NOT EVEN A SAFETY CHECK. Sorry but it boils
    my pee when Ive seen a neglected seven year old boiler being condemed after some companies claim to have serviced annually.
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  6. Yorkie218

    Yorkie218 New Member

    Thanks for the replies, it's much appreciated.

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