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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by FifeGolf, Jan 18, 2021.

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    "Flower" is a term of endearment btw :)
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    The dig will get done this weekend as I can cover it over until such times as he can do it. He's just really maxed out with a new site he in on (although his own company is working with a housebuilder since the end of the first lockdown). Really decent guy so don't want to go to someone else just because they could do it a few days sooner.

    Just messaged him to say I will do the digging and he is going to pop back tonight (which was the original appointment) and will correct the ring that's not a ring. So that's something at least.
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    True to his word the sparky was back out at half 6. Fixed the ring my just finding where it has been broken and taking it back to the mcb. He also did the gland terminating the shed SWA.

    When he was fixing the missing earth fly lead he noted that the both the feed from the CU and the return to the CU on that ring are in the same conduit (so one cable goes all the way out to the "last" socket and the other cable from the CU goes socket to socket.
    He didn't then expand on whether there was something wrong there, he just "noted" it. Is that another problem?

    Charged me £20 a cup of tea and a bacon roll for the work tonight. Seems like a good deal to me.
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    Good day to you all, me again.

    Just wanted to ask a question here first before I phone the sparky and he either thinks a) I'm a nutjob or b) I'm a pain in the @rris.

    So I was looking at dimensions of 10mm SWA and looking at the trench and garage wall entry point and then where the CU is in the garage (which has 20mm conduit coming from it to the sockets and lights) and thinking "there is no way 10mm is going to bend out from the ground and in to the entry hole, then through the hole and bend upward to the CU without needing a large space to straighten up. Now the CU is right at the door so can't have a big loop of cable sticking out.

    The garage wall is 15mm thick prefab concrete (you know the type) and the inside of the garage is clad in 15mm MDF board with what I have measured as 90mm battens from the wall, so not a lot of room. I read about drilling at an angle but the boards inside and the fact the concrete isn't thick is going to make that incredibly difficult.

    So, I thought about what to do. My thinking was to ask him to put an IP65 box fixed firmly to the wall outside (lots of silicone to seal) and terminating the SWA there, switching to 10mm T&E from there in to the garage (run a conduit from there up to the CU with an earth fly lead from the SWA) up to the CU.

    I know it's not the most elegant solution and some sparks on here will be aghast and screaming sacre bleu at such a thought. But before I phone the spark today, is this a viable idea or is he going to laugh at me and throw my bacon rolls back in my face?

    Thanks y'all
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    I'd just leave it to the sparks, but be on hand to discuss solutions when he comes to do it so whatever crops up you can make a decision at the time.
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    You have highlighted a common problem with SWA - bend radius and your suggestion is one way round it.

    Why not suggest to the installer: "I have no problems with you installing a nice looking IP65 box on the outside of my garage above where the SWA comes out of the ground, if it makes the job easier to use ordinary T&E from there to the CU." A good IP65 box will not need extra silicon.
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    I will give him a call and see what he says. Looks wise it makes no odds as the entry point is between the garage and the fence, it's once it's inside the garage that I can envisage an issue as the 10mm seems to be huge and largely inflexible.
    As long as it's not a dangerous or stupid idea and they guy doesn't think I'm a crackpot then I am fine with a box on the outside as it will never be seen.
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    Spoke to him and he didn't think it was the best idea but understands my concerns, especially about the cable sticking out blocking the access partially.
    He said something about it being safe but introducing a weakness or weak spot?

    He will try and bend the cable as best he can initially but there is no way I can elongate the hole in the concrete as it's just too thin.
    57A IP65 adaptable box would be his suggestion if it won't bend sufficiently, attached to the wall with heavy duty butterfly type wall anchors.

    I can only wait and see.

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