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    Hi guys,

    Recently had a kitchen fitted which has been fairly stressful. We have managed to rectify many things although I am concerned about the edging detail on the work top.

    How easy is it to take the edging strips off once glued and replace with new/better cut ones?

    This is the finish so far....

    Some advice or feedback would be great.

    E907ABD6-919B-4D11-BA73-9B78A3944C6E.jpeg 62589137-B784-498D-9949-90B4759C5416.jpeg FE070096-3B43-451D-BF1C-7A187E40FC75.jpeg 9E5066B9-47FC-42AA-8799-BB670F7C5664.jpeg

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    That all looks pretty ****!
    If you run a hot iron along the edge it will soften the glue and enable you you get a scraper behind it to ease it off. Do it nice and slowly so it comes off in strips rather than breaking into lots of bits.
    Also once you have eased a part off, you can dribble white spirit down the back which will melt the glue.
  3. kitfit1

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    Yet another Kitchen fitted by someone claiming to be a kitchen fitter :mad:
    The joint on pic 4 looks like it was nibbled by a rat, it certainly has never come into contact with a router. Yes OP, the edging can be replaced. What can't be dealt with easily though is any chips on the edge of the worktop itself. To deal with any edge chips a router will need to be run down the edge to remove the chips.
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    Agreed as above... personally I would call your "Fitter" back up and tell him to move his rear and get it fixed.....

    The only way that joint is going to get fixed in pic 4 is to remove worktop and router the edges square or hockey stick them, then a small amount of colour fill and compression from the dog bones.

    Although if they may have been fitted semi correctly and the fitter may have used wood glue between the worktops in which case you may end up having to replace 2 lengths.

    Hope you get it sorted

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