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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by goldeneye78, Jul 4, 2018.

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    This is where the communication may have broken down between yourself, architect, builder and BCO. The BCO is probably only concerned with what is being built now and won't sign off anything for the future because the plans can change.

    The architect has probably designed the foundations for the future.

    Whilst the builder is only looking at what he must deliver to get his money.

    Personally I like to over engineer foundations for the very instance you have there. A BCO will always be happy if you exceed the specification for the foundations. Trying to make foundations wider/deeper after they have been cast is a real nightmare
  2. goldeneye78

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    Hi all,

    Is below image normal? Background story:
    1. Builder bought xtratherm insulation - the installation is different than lets say celotex. xtratherm needs the walls to be tight rather than leaving the standard 50mm gap, like other insulation.
    2. builder didnt know - so when i forwarded the pictures to xtratherm, they told me its not the right way and guided how the right way should be.
    3. to accomodate the right way, he is now starting this way.

    This is how it looked before


    After talking to xtratherm and him, he now did this....


    Q - what is the impact or any problems??
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    To me that is not acceptable,the muck would have been easy enough to clean off the bottom two courses.
    You now have the rest of the blockwork corbled on the two bottom courses where there is no need.
    The plasterer is also going to have dub the plaster or render out an inch before he can even get a scratch coat on the bottom two courses.
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    To be honest, I don't think it is going to be a successful project between the builder and yourself
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    Does that look right to you? I would also want the boards taped or at least butted properly together as you have some massive gaps between each boards.

    The whole thing looks awful and I would be seriously considering getting a new builder in and canning this monkey.
  6. KIAB

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    Not a acceptable standard of work,think you should end the contract with your builder,as things will only go downhill, as the build progresses, plus what else will he bodge.

    You spoke with BCO about standard or work,etc,I'm afraid it's time to look for a new builder.
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    Terrible. No pride in their work.

    Look you paid for building reg plans and I presume your builder quoted for those plans. He should build to plan or not get paid.

    This is rough cut and cover stuff going on
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  8. goldeneye78

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    ok thanks for advise all, tbh, i am quite lost in this and i am not sure how to move forward with this. we have just made our 2nd payment a week ago and from above, obviously this is not looking great. looks like i have to speak to the builder to part our ways.
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    What break clause do you have in your contract with the builder? I presume you do have a contract (sometimes JCT is used)
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    This is where i am going to be getting backslash from the team here, and rightly so I deserve it. We don't have a written agreement/signed agreement. As mentioned previously, he works by word of mouth and it was an oversight from us to sign an agreement. (Ok, ready to get the backslash now).

    I am in desperate seek of help. So before i was about to have a word with him, the BCO visited our property and he was full of praises of this guy's work to my amusement (Not amazement!). But the BCO hardly did any physical checks. He stood at one place had eye contact and he thought the builder has done a good job, despite of the photos above was visible to him. This is despite of my observation being different, for example no consistency in the mortar between the bricks, mortar falling off after it dries of etc. But it doesnt seemed to be of a concern to the BCO, he echoed to the builder - that, those cracks/holes were good, as when the builder does plastering, it will fill the gap and becomes "key" to make the joints stronger.

    Being concern on this, we asked one of our neighbour who is a builder by trade (25 or years) to evaluate this work. Unfortunately we couldnt use him as he had too many jobs lined up. And these were the following comments which I require clarification/help.

    1. consistency of size of mortar between the joins.
    2. for every 4 course, there should be EML.
    3. due to severe heat conditions, it was advisable that the bricks should have been wet or given a "wash" to ensure the joins do have a bit of moist, otherwise they would have cracked.
    4. the DPC in internal wall should be 150mm lower than floor level.

    Is there anywhere / websites i can do a bit more research and reading?

  11. goldeneye78

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    ps: he is also FMB registered
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    I presume the FM bit is the same as in FML.
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    yes, i am planning to take a formal complaint but the procedure is first write to him, wait 10 days response if dispute not resolved then go to fmb
  15. jonathanc

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    Don't faff around with the FMB and formal complaints. Write to him and set out the reasons for termination and say it is with immediate effect. Nothing he can do as working on the basis of verbal contract.

    FMB will just bog things down
  16. goldeneye78

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    Thanks Jonathanc. That's the way we decided to go over with him to terminate. Our BCO has come around and shredded his work apart and getting him to rebuild the wall. BCO realised we have paid almost 55% to him and therefore wants at least the wall is built properly.
  17. jonathanc

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    55% just to get to that point - what was he planning to do - a full finished build or just bare structure cost just getting the wall up is not 55% of full finish in my view

    and beware BCO have no power to compel him to do anything but at least you have their evidence which is good
  18. DaveF

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    The problem with many builders is they can do stuff when they are told to do it but they can't think out of the box. Don't ask them to think. Ensure you have someone who is a good project manager to do the thinking. This is why it's not a good idea to employ the friend of a friend. They may be the best brickie in the world but they can't think their way out of a paper bag.
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    The brickkie is hired by the builder but its the builder who is also the PM, that has been overall rubbish and refused to accept things arent going the right way, which is why i got the BCO to come in.

    55% for labour and materials up to completion of wall. so it was acombination of deposit, 1st payment to dpc level and then 2nd payment to start wall. the wall is just bare structure. 3rd payment will be roofing and then 4th will be flooring, plaster finish and final payment is when BCO signs off.

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