AEG, Zanussi or Hotpoint Dishwasher with Sliding door hinge

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Pete57, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Pete57

    Pete57 New Member

    I am installing an Ikea kitchen and would like to install an AEG dishwasher with the sliding door hinge. I have searched everywhere to find how much the sliding door hinge moves the door trim up from fully closed to fully open. There are many illustrations showing this but no actual dimensions.
    There are other forums discussing this but no indication of the length of travel of the door, does any possibly know this who has fitted or has either the AEG, Zanussi and Hotpoint Dishwasher with sliding door as they are all under the Electrolux group and all have the same hinge.
    Many thanks for you help.
  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    Nope, because all of them are as vague as a vague thing being as vague as possible. What they all do though is make sure you don't have to cut a slot in the plinth for the door to open. In 99% of circumstances though that slot will never be seen anyway.
    So the question is on my part, can your dishwasher door be seen from a long distance ? in other words, will anyone see the slot in the plinth ? If they can, then go for it, if they can't then don't bother and save a few quid.
  3. Pete57

    Pete57 New Member

    Thanks for your reply but the Ikea door isn’t a standard height, being 80cm. The plinth is only 8cm, half of the standard plinth height. Addin a slot in the plinth wouldn’t be enough as the length of the door would contact the machine before it’s fully open so the door needs to slide away
    Therefore the options are to buy the Ikea dishwasher which I don’t want to do due to the reviews, buy a fixed hinge system as Bosch and install the add on hinge system that you can purchase but looks an afterthought, which it is or try a dishwasher with the sliding hinge as in AEG etc
    So I really need to know how far the sliding hinge moves the door to make a decision.
  4. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    To be totally honest, i don't fit Ikea kitchens and probably never will do. The reason goes back many years and one of those reasons is because of the situation you find yourself in now. Ikea do not and never have followed normal EU or even World standards, they do what they want to do.
    The problem is, what they do dosn't match EU or World standards. The only advice that i can give is to go back to Ikea and ask them what integrated DW will work with there kitchens.
  5. CraigMcK

    CraigMcK Screwfix Select

    If you fit the dishwasher quite low you can fix the door onto the machine without their stupid sliding hinge. I broke 2 of them before giving up and doing it my own way. It’s been solidly fixed for about 3 years and it fine, the plinth did not need to be cut either. I have a 50mm Packer above the machine to the worktop.
  6. Pete57

    Pete57 New Member

    Thanks Graig, your suggestion is something I have considered, also the Ikea kit which is retro fitted and not something I want to do for the very reason you mentioned.
    To consider all options I would like to know the distance the door travels on the AEG, Zanussi or Hotpoint Dishwashers. This hinge system is factory fitted and many of these are sold so someone out there must have bought or fitted one, I just need to know the distance it travels.?
  7. Justin Mercer

    Justin Mercer New Member

    Hi Pete57. Did you resolve this? I'm looking at fitting a Neff Vario Hinge to an IKEA door and wondered if it worked out. Many thanks.
  8. I have only installed German sliding door machines, but 40mm infill on a 720mm facia works fine.
    With 800mm doors you will be lucky to get any dishwashers to work.
  9. Chris Goor

    Chris Goor New Member

    For the benefit of anyone who googles this. The Vario hinge does not have enough travel to fix the Ikea issue.

    I dropped our dishwasher by 56mm and that was plenty to allow the door to open. I've also created a cover piece to fill the gap at the top.
    I'm fitting it around the top seal, so steam doesn't head backwards.

    It looks OK.

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