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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by teabreak, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. teabreak

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    I had my aircon recharged last year and it worked for what passed for a summer. It has almost stopped again so I guess some seals or whatever need replacing, the recharge was only about 40 quid is the tracing and repair of the leaks a major (expensive) job please?
    Is it time to wave By-By!

    Ford C Max 2007
  2. FatHands

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    hiya teabreak. yeah sounds like you have a leak somewhere pal. basically what they do is put some dye in the system, run it up to whatever it should be (perhaps 800g of gas) and then get the glasses on and go hunting for the leak. usual suspects are the air con rad which will sit behind your normal radiator as its sometimes easy for stones and stuff to get to them if there is no undertray. most places offer a diagnostic for a little bit more than the price of a refill
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  3. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    Thanks Fats guess I'll book it in for a re-gas and see if they can give an estimate for any work required to solve it, I was just wondering what was a "normal" charge for a common repair so I have an idea if they are reasonable;)
  4. FatHands

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    no problem mate. each make/model is different really due to parts required and the amount of work involved in sorting it. Maybe just the little O rings weaping but again, depends on where they are and stuff. Sometimes its not obvious where its leaking from, so dont be surprised if they gas you up and suggest to keep it running.
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  5. An dy1962

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    Ford Technical recommend you run you A/C at least once a week even over the winter it keeps the seal tight and help stop the gas weeping away It might need re gassing with any luck.
    We get a lot of people in this time of year with this problem most just need re gassing

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