air / moisture circulation in a ceiling void

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by mojacar.kev, Feb 13, 2018.

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    this is a weird one to say the least ! this is a commercial building, has a "lean to" type roof installed on top of an old flat roof, about 750mm between surfaces ( approx the size of a tennis court ) there is a lot of stale air and moisture trapped between the two roofs and also inside the building, a suspended ceiling below these has been absorbing the moisture for a year or two, now i need a quick and easy way to get the moisture out and have the air circulating as a temporary solution to get the place open then look at replacing the roof etc later in the year. any ideas ? i did think of putting a few vents in the outer roof but dont think that will work, to remove the moisture / air below the second roof. and have no idea how to extract moisture from inside, ( have tried dehumidifiers and heaters but no use . budget it minuscule :(
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    Intresting problem,is the flat roof concrete, or joists with a decking & felt or other roof finish on it (cold roof design), if joists then the void needs venting somehow.
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    Cold roof design as far as I know ,. I was thinking of putting some non mechanical vents on the outer roof to get some airflow going and hang same type of vent on underside of inner roof (inside building above suspended ceiling) to create an internal air flow , being a lowly old brickie. Roofs are alien to me
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    sort this now, got a dozen roof bents cut 210mm holess thru roof whacked vents in place, just fingers crossed they vent the void enough to stop the condensation inside :)

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