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  1. Right, after my recent topic ive decided to get a compressor and couple of nail guns but there seems so much choice so could someone point me in the right direction for a first fix gun for stud frames and a second fix for archatraive, etc. Im totally new to this so as easy to unerstand as possible will be appreciated. Need to know things such as gauge and length of nails, etc.

  2. Bonzo

    Bonzo New Member

  3. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    Bostitch and Senco are well known quality stuff, don't buy cheap rubbish, go for quality.
  4. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Don't forget to use airline oil every day too for max tool life and minimal stoppages. Be sparing with the finish nailer tho, esp if you are working on fine finishes.

    Mark your air lines too, if you ever use spray guns. You'll need to keep one separate, that hasn't had machine oil in it. Don't ask me how I learned that one as a very young fella...........
  5. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Opps! Url looped. It was airline oil from these guys!
  6. !!

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    As said before senco or bostitch. Ideally bostitch framer, senco 15 gauge and 18 gauge.

    Some say just go inbetween and get a good 16 gauge but heads are too big for delicate work and to small for holding skirting etc

    Really don't rate any of the dewalt guns had a few and sold them on quickly and have never tried Makita or dakota ones so can't comment on those
  7. ian anderson

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    Bit harsh on the DeWALT nailers, I haven't had any problems with mine, but then I haven't tried the others :)

    Having said that, Quality these days doesn't seem to compare to some of the older tools. I still see old elu flip saws from time to time still going......

    I can't seem to find the nailers on the DeWALT UK site to compare specs either??
  8. trowlmeister

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    Hi, you can't go wrong bostitch. I've got a angled 15 guage finisher, and roundhead framer both bought second hand and just as good now as when i got them a few years ago.Like the other guys said, stick to the better makes like bostitch and senco and go for the oiless types and you can't go wrong.Once you're set up with a compressor it'll be a lot cheaper then the gas nailers!
  9. goldenboy

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    Used to run a compressor and nailers but got hacked off with lugging the compressor about and packing it away and also the airline snagging and scratching floors etc, stumped up for a IM90i and a Hitachi NT65 angled and dont regret it for one second, the extra cost of the nails is lost definitely in the time saved packing up and setting up and also the speed of work not having to worry about a hose to trip over. In my opinion gas nailers are far better suited to making money than compressors and air nailers. Just never lend them to anyone as using a paslode first fix to nail studwork to brickwork as I saw last week is a recipe for disaster!

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