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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Thermo, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Thermo

    Thermo New Member

    Just managed to get my hands on a second hand first fix air powered gun, with no manual. Its a rapesco make, and where the air hose attachment at the back is, there is a stamped set of lettering saying oil daily with an arrow pointing to the centre. What exactly am i supposed to be oiling daily and with what type of oil?
  2. T

    T Member

    got exactly the same on my draper second fix gun. Closed, oili daily, and air hose. It does both. Assumed, if using cordless, put to this position and tip in oil. Thinking machine oil.
  3. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    If there is a MachineMart close they have an oil for the job.
    I had a small bottle of oil with my nailer then went to MM for a bigger bottle when getting some airline fittings.
  4. Thermo

    Thermo New Member

    its a hosed air nailer, so where does the oil go???
  5. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    I have just got a air nailer and I have not used it in a big way other than a few brads.

    I think that you squirt a small amount of oil in the nailer air connector tube on the gun. Plug in the air supply and fire a few nails. The oil then gets pushed through into the piston and lubricates the inner workings. I am not sure how much you put in but logically I would think that the oil will soon work through the head so not too much or it will be leaving stains on the wood.

    I guess little and often is the rule.

  6. Thermo

    Thermo New Member

    dewalt, glad to see im thinking along the same lines, just didnt want to try and then regret it!
    cheers for the help
  7. hab

    hab New Member

    Just put 4 or five drops of air oil into the air inlet before each session of use - every 100/200 nails or so. The air itself will carry the oil into the tool.Machine Mart sell the oil and it is very cheap as a few fluid ounces lasts for ages. You don't need an inline oiler for a nailer as this kind of oiler is designed for use with tools which have continuous motion in use, such as a drill or sander.If you use them with a nailer you may get uneven lubrication.
    Very best regards, Hab

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