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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Muzungu, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Would be grateful for any recommendation for an air purifier for a bedroom. I regularly get some sort of allergic reaction which follows the same course, manic bout of sneezing followed by two or three days of feeling really rough and tight chest, puts me out of action which is really irritating. Doing a fair bit of work at the moment upstairs, two bathrooms and three bedrooms and it is generating dust, unsurprisingly.

    Just want to give one a try to see if it makes any difference when I am sleeping, don't particularly want to spend hundreds on a Dyson or similar.
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    You need an electrostatic air purifier that produced a high voltage and then uses this to charge the dust particles. They are then attracted to the wires in the unit and stick to them. Clean by brushing the wires with a vac.
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    Big old crt tv with a loose EHT lead, darn sight cheaper than anything you can buy on a shop :p
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    I think it depends on the purpose on which u are searching the air conditioner. Since there are a lot of varieties, I can say like an example of a story about the problems that I got. So, I had some problems with wheezing, coughing and sometimes these symptoms cannot stop. I went to the doctor that said that I have Asthma. Later, I decided to learn what can make my condition worse, and by a lot of recommendations from my sister that learns in the medical faculty helped me to understand the options between the air purifiers. Actually I'm still thinking which one is best, but I would stop on the air purifier that has the best quality filter.
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    Was in a similar situation. House was getting plastered, rewired, floors fitted, etc. Big dusty mess. I got "HoMedics True HEPA Air Purifier". It helped make the air less dusty. As you can expect, these things aren't designed to clean up polluted building sites :) Floors and surfaces will still be dusty but at least they can suck out dust in the air. The one I got had different levels. The lowest had a soft enough sound to be left operating overnight in the bedroom. I pretty much had it working 24 hours. Cleanable too.

    Note on Amazon: This device was 67 quid when I got it 5 years ago. It now shows as 75 quid (reduced price from 99!). I strongly recommend checking price history on camelcamel before you buy anything from Amazon.
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    Some have mentioned an ioniser. Bad idea. These can make breathing worse and they attract dust. In my case as an asthmatic I binned my ioniser. I bought a Vax 200 filter. This has a night mode so it should be OK in your bedroom. My breathing is sooooo much better now. The Vax has a 360 degree filter so works from all directions.

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