Air vent for a boxed-in AAV?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Russell_Crowbar, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Russell_Crowbar

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    I'm doing up my bathroom, and right now the stack pipe runs the full length of the room up into the eaves.

    My plan is to get a WC Abacus-style frame in line with the stack pipe, cut the pipe down and fix an AAV, and box it in and tile over it so it's hidden... In the fear I've not explained that properly - wall mounted toilet, and the space behind will be the stack pipe with the AAV...

    Given the AAV needs some air flow, will it be sufficient to work in an air vent to the tiling?
  2. xednim

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    you need to create access to the air vent, you will always have a gaps around the stuck pipe, access panel etc. (is never air tight), apart of that around WC framing/cistern there is enough air to compensate suction- amount of existing air in there will prevent from sucking out water from your toilet or basin waste trap and eventual weird sounds :)

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