Airlock in Evinox (RC15) boiler cylinder coil - How can I release it pls?

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    Hi, I have an Evinox Heat Meter Mod RC15 Boiler.

    I had a cold spot on a radiator and bled it. The boiler pressure dropped to 0.5bar. A red warning light came on on the boiler and on the wall mounted 'viewsmart' controller.

    I refilled the boiler back to 1.5bar. The warning light on the controller went out but not the one on the boiler.

    I made no other changes but now neither the heating or hot water are working.

    There is a steady green light on for the (Wilo Pulse-width modulation) pump (i.e. its working fine). There are no noises or gurgles. The cold water runs fine.

    I also have an immersion tank. If I switch that on the hot water and heating work fine. Hence I think the problem is boiler related.

    I spoke with Evinox and sent them the system read-out from the viewsmart controller. They said the readings were fine. And they think the problem is an 'airlock in the coil in the cylinder'.

    I have re-bled all the radiators and towel rails - and had no success with that.

    I cannot see any other vents on the can see no way to vent the airlock out of the system.

    I have read the following two comments advising to:

    - "crack open the nut on the return until water flows. careful not to flood the house"

    - ...and " prevent the boiler firing and then start and stop the pump a few times until it cleared the air. much less messy."

    I am not sure if the above comments are the right way to proceed and if so I am not sure how to do either of them.

    So I'd appreciate any advice on the above ideas or any new ideas to help me release the airlock please?

    Thank You, Mo

    Ps. happy to send photos or skype if anyone has the time please

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