Alarm wiring - bypass reed switch permanently

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    I have recently had a window replaced and did not want to keep the reed switch on the window because it's completely inaccessible anyway and was just messy wiring.

    At the moment, I just have the old reed switch taped to its counterpart magnet so that the alarm is still functional and system thinks that window is permanently closed (picture attached).

    I want to get rid of the bulky magnetic reed switch as it's in the way of a carpet fitting. Can i just cut off the reed switch and join the red wire to the yellow wire permanently in order to close the circuit so system thinks that window is permanently closed and then insulate and tuck under carpet. Is this safe / will it work. Seems silly to have call out for something so small.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Pollowick

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    No reason why not, although you should also access the alarm set-up pages and change the zone to not used.
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    If the switch is on its own zone then put link in the zone in the panel

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