Aldi Workzone 18v nail gun 23 Aug

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by diy_nixy, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Alan Jones

    Alan Jones New Member

    I bought the Aldi nail gun in store about 3 weeks ago, £79.99 with 3 YEAR guarantee, so I have photocopied the reciept in case it fades.
    I was making my own trellis and ran out of the supplied 200 x 40mm staples so bought a new box here:
    They fit and work fine, I will try and remember to post when I have made more trellis. I intend to make much more. I noticed that the plastic nose leaves a bit of a mark if you press too hard but I need to press hard to ensure the staples drive home and are not proud. It's not really noticeable unless you look up close. The screw adjustment for nail depth works ok-ish but it's not brilliant as the pressure you put on the workpiece seems to have a greater effect. But once you have the hang of it it is great especially with the guarantee and price!
    Pic of staples I bought here: upload_2018-9-19_20-0-27.png
  2. diy_nixy

    diy_nixy Active Member

    I bought the Tacwise 18-gauge staples too, they work fine.

    There's also many sellers on ebay selling mixed sized pack if you just need a few of each size. These also worked.

    Also worth having a look on FFX, they sometimes have offers on certain size nails.
    E.g 25mm 18g brads - box 5000. £6.66
  3. Charles Vickers

    Charles Vickers New Member

    Bit late to the party but I've just seen Aldi are reselling these again and I wanted to know if anyone had tested one on plywood. From what I've read it'll cope with soft wood but what about some 18mm marine ply?
  4. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Active Member

    More gear to lug around but I’d be inclined to invest in a small compressor. Air-tools are dirt cheap. Ive had a couple of small brad nailers over the years. Take up to 50mm brads. Generally perform flawlessly. Brilliant for building trellis which is mostly what I use mine for.
    I’ve also recently bought the Silverline framing nailer for fencing. Runs happily off my tiny 6ltr compressor. Fires 50-90mm nails. Absolute beast, comes with 3 year or lifetime guarantee I forget which. Can’t really fault it. Prices vary but Toolstation had them at £100 and they’re generally £115 or so.
    for compressors you can’t go wrong with SGS Engineering. Great value and service.

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