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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by nathybizzle, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. nathybizzle

    nathybizzle New Member

    hi all lately ive been ask to fit wardrobes for customers as you all know they can be expensive do you have any idears of any allturnatives i was thinking 3x2 cls with normal door linings and doors and cover the cls with 12.5 plasterboard and arch and skirting then maybe use 2x1 par as slatted shelfs and buy the rails and other stuff magnet catches etc as this is way cheaper than fitted stuff and idears welcome many thanks
  2. Cheap option?

    Boarding out, plastering, cutting and fitting 2x1 shelving, rubbing dowm, priming, u/coat, top coat, fitting locks/latches. etc, etc

    And then all the labour.

    Also the time the customer house is messed up.

    Smacks a bit of a DIY - no offence intended.
  3. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    2x2 and clear poly sheeting should do the job!
  4. Better yet buy a couple of kilos of 150mm nails and bang them in - gives a minimalist look and also has the advantage of being height adjustable - just leave a claw hammer. :)
  5. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

    Hi Bizzle - As a carpenter by trade I would make the frame out out 2'' x 2'' no need to put an actual door lining in and you can either fit bought normal doors or what i think looks better (modern) is MDF then router round all the edges to give nice look. Then choose what handles you would like.

    Next there is two options on boarding the actual frame.
    1. plaster board in and out with and fill where boards meet then paint over boards.
    2. I think the better option board the inside with plaster boards but board the outer frame with MDF and run a nice router bit around all the edges. to make it look even better you can router the a square or rectangle or what ever you want on the face.
    Next finish with skirting if you want at bottom or make your own finish. and you can also add a finishing to top.
    Last gloss how every you would like.
  6. nathybizzle

    nathybizzle New Member

    Thanks for the replys I did a Mdf one a few months back router the edges etc just thourt painting them wasn't the best finish you guys just charge a day rate for this kind of stuff or do u put on more for planning and design and the fact that it's "bestoke" cheers ps I am also a chippy a site chippy who's switched to domestic
  7. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    Nathy, I bet you laughed at domestic chippies when you were doing site work and you were a braggart when you first started posting on this site about how much money you were earning.
    Who's sorry now :)
  8. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

  9. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

    hi bizzle you can buy MDF veneered to oak beech walnut or high gloss thats the most modern way. Let me know how you get on.
  10. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

    well it dont stop at high gloss it can be vaneered all sorts of effects.
  11. Porkie

    Porkie New Member

    how do you find the veneered MDF?

    I find ironing on the edging a pain in the a**e....and the fact that you cant router any moulds.

    I get my veneered MDF from a place here in Cardiff and have about 100 different finishes to give the cusomer
  12. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

    Yeah Prokie same here but bought from a warehouse up north.

    Porkie do you know anywhere that will actually veneer the very piece of MDF you cut?
  13. dunc dunc

    dunc dunc New Member

    Doing all that is more like building than cabinet fitting. and will probably cost as much.

    domestics want a neat job done reasonably quickly. so really all you are doing in the house is installing and doing some trimmings to finish. a bit of filler and then paintwork.

    the cabinets should already be finished as the customer wants.
  14. Porkie

    Porkie New Member

    dont know anywhere that'll finish the edges after cutting so have to keep with the iron and knife unfortunately

    Was thinking of getting an edgebander but dont have the room in my workshop at the mo until i sell a couple of machines i have on e bay
  15. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Nothing wrong with CLS framework with door linings and normal doors as wardrobes, I do plenty of them and in the right property and made well they look exactly right, with doors that match the rest of the house they are a very good option
  16. CraftMan2010

    CraftMan2010 New Member

    goldenboy i diagree its old taste
  17. timber ninja

    timber ninja Member

    its old taste to match the existing doors?

    i completely agree with goldenboy

    in the right setting this is a very effective method of creating wardrobe space.
  18. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Trouble is this, I make a lot of fitted wardrobes some more modern essentially very nice veneered boxes with doors on and nice internals and a lot of linings and door ones too. Although some of the more modern ones look spot on in the workshop and the customers love them, I personally think sticking a modern style of wardrobe into an older house just looks dead ugly often, a good storage option should blend in and look in keeping with the rest of the property, hence I try and steer my customer round to something which wont jump out and be showy rather look like it might have always been there. Thats not to say that there arent times when a modern style always looks wrong.

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